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Our Mission

To build on the Right2Change policy platform to deliver Ireland’s first truly progressive government.

To work to deliver Ireland’s first government not led by either Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael by prohibiting coalition with either party.

To facilitate true religious freedom and equality by working towards the separation of church and state in our constitution and consequent institutions.

Our Vision

Ireland is a country of noble people, decent people, honourable people. Worldwide, we are renowned for our art, our literature, our music, our poetry and our character. A small elite of dishonourable people have exploited that decency. They are the destroyers of our democracy, of our dignity, of our equality. They are the minority that must be stopped. They are the interests manifest in that which has led every government we have had since the civil war — Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.

Politicians refer to Irish men and Irish women as ‘ordinary people’. For them the term patronises, condescends, and even dehumanises. There is nothing ‘ordinary’ about being noble, decent, and honourable. About fighting for a better future. About protecting your children. Protecting your family. We are Irish men and Irish women and we need to remember how extraordinary we can be. Born out of profound history. A people that sacrificed so much for truth. A brave people. Which is why we will no longer endorse, nay allow, rule by those who have betrayed our Proclamation. Who have put narrow self-interest above any pretence to cherish all of our children equally. Which is why we will no longer endorse, nay allow, policies designed by the worst of us, to enslave the rest of us.

The Irish are renowned throughout the world for a reason. We have been a repressed people. A broken people, invaded by forces from outside and now attacked by our own from within. Our people are not commodities to be exploited by banks. Our natural resources are not something to be sold off to the lowest bidder. We can be a nation where empathy, compassion, equality, fairness and justice are not mere platitudes, but are national character traits.

Our Pledge

We pledge to create a party that will cherish all of our people and which will have as its founding principles the ten Right2Change policy principles.

We pledge to ensure true religious freedom and equality by breaking the link between one faith and the state.

We pledge to work to create a secular nation where those of all faiths, and none, live in a Republic of equals.

We further pledge to work to deliver Ireland’s first non Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael led government through enacting a rule at our founding conference prohibiting from the very start any coalition in government with those parties of the past, with that which is old and failing, in order to create that which is new and ground breaking.

We the people must be the change we yearn for. The change our children cry out for. The change our forebears fought for. Join us. Build this young, fresh and forward looking nation. Replenish our natural resources. Reclaim our stolen country. Together we can make an Ireland that we are all proud of once again

  • An Ireland not just for the few, or even for the many, but for us all
  • An Ireland of collective prosperity, responsibility and a vindicator of human rights
  • An Ireland with a right to housing, to water, to healthcare, to jobs and decent pay, to democratic reform and debt justice, to a sustainable environment, to national resources, and to education
  • An Ireland with a right to equality, to democracy and to justice

An Ireland of profound hope.

A true Republic long promised, now at last to be delivered

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Join us. Build a party of real change!

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