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Dec 28, 2014 · 4 min read

Words. Are. Interesting. They are the building blocks of our civilisation. Text anchors our reflections in the fabric of reality. Language scales our thoughts.

This is a manifesto written with words. It is the pamphlet of a project that aims to shortcut words however. A plan to set experience, rather than language, as a new vessel for thought. A blueprint for communicating ideas using a channel language cannot begin to represent.

Words can structure reality. But experience primes words and an experiential field can only be one of foundations. Founding situations for our lives. And our world.


Has No Title

Recently, a groundbreaking discovery unveiled that mass was not a fundamental property of bodies. Rather it was the consequence of elementary particles’ interaction with the void. Higgs’ Boson slipped through the news though and, beyond the particle, a much bigger marvel was ignored.

The boson was discovered more than 40 years ago by 3 physicists. Mathematically. In other terms, the most interesting particle of our era was discovered theoretically before being unveiled experimentally.

Intelligence and language anticipate reality. They create it. In a way, Galileo remade the universe, Socrates thought, Freud the human mind, and Proust memories.

Artists, philosophers and scientists are aesthetes operating subtle surgeries on reality itself. We are here not only to witness but to incorporate these supernovas of the mind. Here to flare individual revolutions, upset your internal world, open doors, tunnels, oceans in it. A universe you will have to populate.


Has No Title

Though we’ve never seen it, our imaginations signal that beyond the edges of the world we inhabit, there is the possibility of another. Something else exists.

This far, we’ve had glimpses of it. We’ve heard ideas that ravished us, gave us tears and often left us wanting to build the alternatives they showcased. It is a world where our wildest dreams of co-existence coalesce. Well-being, both personal and collective, Creativity and Fulfillment.

It is a special world however. Not one we can create alone that can only be brought to existence through togetherness. This world is hanging in the space of ideas, shackled by words. It is waiting to be picked, brought into the space of experience where ideas are lived out rather than heard, written or spoken.


Has No Title

This manifesto is an invitation to the space where the best ideas in the world will be lived out. And this space we’ve set in the realm of Art.

Art is infinite creativity and fertile soil for groundbreaking ideas. Not a tool to escape but an instrument to create. A breeder of worlds and a lab where being alive can be redefined.

We have created an event where participants are immersed in art performances, relational aesthetics and interventionist experiments. We are taking living art out of museums and into the most unexpected places. It weaves in the imaginations of the brightest thinkers to create an art piece attendees live.


Has No Title

1 Island
1 Documenting crew
8 Week-long sessions
8 Extraordinary Thinkers
8 Communities of 20 individuals

In the 1960s, Jacques Derrida distinguished between “Le Futur” and “L’avenir”, respectively, French for “The Future” and “What is To Come”. The first is the one we plan and know. The second is the unpredictable kind.

We’ve grown fond of the first and wary of the second. Forsaking the unknown however brought the end of tomorrow. Somewhere on the way, we lost the future. The next frontier slowly disappeared. History seemed over and a radically new configuration of our lives suddenly sounded absurd.

Enough. What is absurd is that we ignored Higgs’ Boson. What is strange is that we censored our imaginations. What is unlike us is that we stopped giving dangerous ideas a chance.

This is an experiment to do precisely that. It is a project to destroy the boundaries we have started to think are final and take new experiential lifestyles out of the minds of the most brilliant thinkers and into the world.

It has a title. Yet it has none. It is ours yet not ours at all. It is meant to persist and designed to disappear. If you feel ready, come build Untitled with us.

This is


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