The 3 Keys to Branding Your Cause

by Tim DeTellis @timdetellis

When it comes to branding, we think of big major companies like Apple, Starbucks, and Nike. However, because of those iconic brands and others, everysize organization is impacted by smart comsumers who seek attractive brands to associate with. To build a stronger brand, keep these three keys in your hands.

Key #1 Know your promise. In essence, a brand is a promise and your promise is delivered through consistency throughout your organization. Protect your promise by being true to your word and reaching for excellence in each area of your organization.

Key #2 Know your passion. People follow those who love what they do. If you don’t, people already now it. Passion is contagious. Fuel your passion and your brand will become contagious.

Key #3 Know your people. Each organization is simply people. Therefore, those who are on your team equals your brand in reality. Pick the right people based on your core values and culture so the brand is true at all levels of the organization.

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