ToKA #1

In Theory of Knowledge on Friday, Feb. 17th, I listened to a podcast named Unconscious Bias on The Why Factor.

I chose this podcast because I have learned about the concepts of bias in my History class this year and wanted to go more in depth on the idea of unconscious bias. The podcast begins with a man asking questions about whether or not you are rational, reasonable, fair or if you believe all men or women are created equal. He follows by saying that you are most likely biased towards people unconsciously all the time. Next another person begins speaking on how as soon as you see a person you begin to make judgments on them without even making the decision to judge them. Next a woman raises the question “How do we get to know what is really going on inside the mind of a person?”. This made me think about how many things are going on inside of my brain without me consciously thinking and telling the rest of my body to perform these functions such as breathing (you are now aware of your breathing) and telling my heart to beat. What if you had consciously to tell your body to perform every function you do unconsciously now? I believe humans would not be nearly as efficient or quick to performing tasks and just overall much worse as a species if we were unable to unconsciously do things that must happen every second due to the massive amount of these tasks we must do just to survive. Also these unconscious biases are where your fight or flight instinct comes from. Without the ability to make quick decisions without even thinking and just reacting, humans as a whole would not be nearly as developed as we are today because people would die from dumb things due to the slow decision making.

If you would like to hear more on the topic of Unconscious Bias go listen to the complete podcast at the link under the picture at the top of the post.