The headline read, “We now experience increased sale since government’s ban on importation — Poultry farmers”. I do not fully agree with this statement. Here’s why.

You are a poultry farmer and you now experience high sales? Hurray!

After rejoicing the bumper harvest, It’s always good to know the underlying force(s) driving this ‘high demand’ though. I say they are multiple. It’s a combination of many factors. First, yes, the government policy to ban chicken importation played a role. Then again, the ban has always been there and even with the renewed zeal of the Customs Service to apprehend smugglers, chickens are still being smuggled in on a daily.

So what else other than policy? 🤔

Recession. Yes, recession drove a lot of small poultry farmers out of business. I can tell you first hand what recession did to poultry farmers. Prices of inputs (mainly DOCs and feed) kept increasing on a weekly basis while the selling price at the market remained constant. High cost of production, low selling price. Those who couldn’t pump in money and subsidize about 20–30% of every bird soon folded up. Couple this with the fact that sales initially plummeted as many people dropped out of the bracket of peeps that ate chicken on a daily/weekly. So, high production cost, low selling price, low demand for a while. Kai! Recession do us strong thing sha.

At this point, we have policy and fewer farmers being responsible for the current increased sales. But that’s not all.

Another factor is, there’s now more enlightenment on the dangers of the imported poultry chickens. I’m sure most of y’all have heard how they use “the thing they use to preserve dead bodies to preserve chickens”, how the customs on Facebook said “imported chickens can cause cancer”, how you saw that video where one dude that has no fear of God in his heart was busy pumping chickens with God knows what to make them bigger 😱😥. As no one wants to die of cancer, folks are now to some extent playing it safe by buying locally produced chickens. ‘To some extent’ because aside the one you buy in the market or at a Caerphilly retail store, you can never fully vouch for the quality of the chicken you’re eating in those fancy restaurants and fast food eateries.

In conclusion, government policy on banning importation alone certainly didn’t cause sales of broilers produced locally to shoot up. #FarmJournals

  • by Bukar Ismail