Man. God. Cigarettes

He’s driving a car. Going through a hard downhill sloppy road. Suddenly he hit another car and a chain of crashes happened. He freaked out. He never does anything bad in his life. So he went out of his car. Made his run.

Along the way he stole a bicycle, forcefully grabbed it from the owner and started pedaling, far away from the crime scene. He stole. He never steal anything in his life. He did a grave sin.

He thinks “it’s far enough.” He dropped the bike and started walking. He tried to blend with the crowd. Suddenly someone shout “Hey! It’s him!” He freaked out even more. He grabbed the person and starting to stab him with his pocket knife. Again. And again. Crowd gasps. Chaos ensued.

He kills. He did another grave sin. He did another grave sin.

He’s on the run again. He went out from the crowd and started running. This time, leaving his second crime scene and went back into his first crime scene. He didn’t know why. Deep down he’s still a good guy. Deep down he’s honestly worried about the people in the chain of crashes.

Rain is pouring hard this time. Blood washed away as he run. He run and saw his stolen bike. He grabbed it again and started pedaling. Back to the first crime scene. Then he met a police car. Then he met a panicked group of people. Then he met a police car chasing something. Maybe someone. Maybe him. He’s starting to doubt his decision to go back. He saw a lot of police cars ahead. He turned back. He’s afraid of getting caught.

He pedaled as if his life depends on it. He can hear police sirens behind him. He freaked out. He’s pedaling even faster. He thinks it’s not enough. He broke traffic lights. He went into bus lane. He used pedestrian walk. He broke traffic rules. He did another grave sin.

He’s tired. He’s afraid. He’s confused. He dropped the bike, starting to run into nearby park. Then he saw a police car. Inside was a familiar face that he can’t recall. She comes out of the car saying “Hey you’re drenched wet. Use this robe”. She gave him a red, warm robe. Then he wore it and started walking. He’s tired of running.

He don’t know what went wrong today. He’s tired of running. He didn’t care anymore.

He thinks of God. Then time suddenly stopped. He walked among the seemingly frozen people, into an alley.

Then, people around him started to light their matches, producing vibrant, almost majestic colors. He then kneel down and saying : I’m sorry God. I can’t. Not anymore.

He still remembers the sensation. When he saw the beautiful light from his match. When he started to light his cigarette. When he inhale those poisonous smoke. Only then he felt a lot closer to death. A lot closer to God. To his Creator. Every pack of cigarettes is his one step closer to God.

But he also remembers all the judging look. All the wisdom words made to encourage people to stop smoking. All the social pressures. Then he declared that it was enough. He had enough.

He stopped smoking. Starting today.