Operation Ketupat : More work, More holiday!

let’s finish all the deadlines before Eid al-Fitr!

Last month, Flipbox moved to a new place in Ampera. We’re beyond excited setting up our new workplace : tables, monitors, meeting room, working rooms, etc until we kinda forgot to work according to the schedule. That leads to a problem : we lost track of timeline and deliverables. And we have a full month of fasting next week! That might spell troubles ahead

this is me. realizing that Ramadhan is coming soon. real soon.

To overcome that problem, Eriza came up with the idea to restructure the timeline and finish all major deadlines or deliverables before Eid al-Fitr (less than 7 weeks). And we printed all the dates, deadlines, the PIC and put them everywhere! Really, even the toilet is full with dates and deadlines.

Why the rush and the slight-sign-of-panic? Because…

this might be us, working while fasting

There is a possibility that we might be less productive during Ramadhan. Since Ramadhan is a special month for Moslems, there are some events and gatherings that usually don’t take place in other months. And oh boy, people love those kinds of events [ reunion, gathering, etc etc etc ]. Not to mention the spirit to do more prayers and religious activities - which is very good. The best of all? There will be long holidays at the end of Ramadhan (Eid al-Fitr)

So, Operation Ketupat comes to live. Basically we set up our priorities, discuss (and possibly adjust) the dates for deliverables, and do extra effort to make sure that all the deadlines are delivered on time. We deliberately speed up some deadlines, hoping that if we can finish those early — we can take longer holiday and will be able to afford more time together with our friends and families.

Simply put,

Work harder & faster = Longer holiday


in the spirit of starting Ramadhan with a clean slate, I beg your forgiveness for any mistakes that I’ve made — conscious or not.