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At IDwall our team is divided by squads. The Squad Tools is responsible for our Dashboards, our client's interfaces and everything related to bringing a better experience for our clients and internal squads. Our mascot is a unicorn 🦄

Basically, we are responsible to release new features and fix bugs but at the same time, we have a demand to create and test new products that were stuck in our backlog for a long time since nobody had time to touch it.

We brainstorm a solution to attack this backlog and quickly test our new products. …

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Taskr is a free and simple task manager app for macOS that helps you create simple routines and tasks for your day.

I started Taskr because I couldn’t keep with a to-do app for more than a week. I tried a lot of to-do apps, in the beginning is all beautiful, but eventually I started using the app less and less.

The first idea was to create a simple and clean task manager the way I like and feel comfortable. Taskr is also my first macOS app, it was fun to build it.

As always I try to Open source all my work. Sharing with the community helps me keep building stuff that I want because they support me and seeing that they like the product really motivates me. …

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Secret is a side-project that I built to solve a single problem. I still remember many times my old bosses and friends sharing with me keys or passwords through a chat platform (Slack, WhatsApp, etc) and these secrets probably still exist there.

To solve that I built Secret where you can share those kinda of information through a safe, private, and encrypted link that automatically expires.

But what that means?

It means that when you use Secret, we receive an encrypted copy of the secret. …


bu kinoshita

front-end engineer & ux lead designer

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