A Quick L0OK — CuriOsity?(?)

Why wouldn’t you click on this article? Come on..! I know you will. Because a sound at the back of you mind says “I am curious, let me know it.” And that sound, ladies and gentleman, is the best sound you may ever hear…

Since I was a little girl, instead of playing with my Barbie dolls, I remember moving my fingers slowly, staring at them carefully, wondering “how could this be possible?” I asked about it to everyone I knew but no one even understood me. I also -still- dont know what I was hoping to hear by asking it but the only thing I remember was the feeling of: “I just want to know this... No other explanations. I. Just. Want. To. Know. it.

As you may already infered, “CURIOSITY” is the key of my life.
Now hold tight!
The issue is getting deeper!

Since I am 18 now, I am curious about ‘curiosity’. — Is it a feeling, an inheritance, instinct or gene…?

I strongly believe that, ‘wondering’ is a flawless path to follow in this limited life period. BUT NO! Not for humanity, not for someone else or not even for science. I feel like I should be discovering things for myself. Only and only, to satisfy my questions. And I recommend it for everyone else, to ask quesions, more often, not be afraid of saying “I dont know”.

A fun fact about it, the more we learn, the more we discover new unknown things. This is the enchanting beauty of “looking for answers”. Maybe this is called infinity. Well, I dont know…

I know that, as a scientific fact, learning something that you have been wondering, makes your body release different and special happiness hormones. So it is also beneficial for your body, not only for your brain! — just for your satisfaction for a question of yours.

This is one of the rare moments that I feel like words are not enough to feel my passion about “wondering”. Because you know… You can not just describe HUGE feelings with a few words. Like… You know… Love is a massive deal for us, and despite the numerous written songs about it, we still can not completely grasp it. The only way that I can explain you the feeling about learning inside me, is to push you into the UNKNOWN.

The more we realize that we do not know, the more we get triggered about it.
Like space…
Even if you are not very interested in it, its obscurity is somehow enchanting…
You know,
It is an infinite, MYSTERIOUS, dark place.
Or wait…
Think about it for a sec.
The mystery is really hidden somewhere deep ‘in’ the space?
Or are we the ones who have hidden the ‘mystery’ inside it?
Well, now you are feeling it, arent’cha?
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