Being A Teenager in Turkey

Yeah I know… Turkey is a difficult country to percieve by means of policies, historic events and geologic location. But don’t worry! As citizens, we do not understand is aswell… Maybe this is one of the reasons why I decided to write a book about being a Teen in here, Turkey.

So please let me share a few lines from my book… For you to have more idea of me, my perception and my dreams.


I am not an author, philosopher, a politician nor scientist. I am just a 17 year old, trying to be as as active as an author, as critical as a philosopher, as idealist as a politician and as curious as a scientist, I can tell.

This body and this mind having this idea, was born in April 1998, in Netherlands. A few months later, met with Turkey. Began growing in Bağdat Street, behind the massive and monstrous skyscrapers. Then I began feeling, becoming myself. I read books and painted with my colorful crayons. I dreamt with my books and painted them with my crayons to make my dreams look more realistic. I played chess for a long time. I started to see which moves I should make to reach my colorful dreams. I percieved that this game is not only for two but I also should make moves according to life, sitting in front of me. And I also learn that the board can be reset, each time I lose…

For a long time I studied in a private school. I used to desire being a ‘Water Expert’. I took part in foirs and shown in television, magazines and internet. Last year of my middle school, I moved into a public school. I realized that the things I thought I learnt were actually wrong and life is actually something way different than I believed. I learnt not to say “I learnt”. I had my highschool entrance exam and moved on to Çevre College with scholarship. You know there is a common saying like “the girl who saw America”… Well, I became one with participating in Harvard MUN and with all the debates I have done. I won a few awards. Had awesome friends.

Then why did I decide to write this book? Because as teenagers, we are like a bridge between the kids and adults. And as far as I observed, adults are in need of us as much as kids in need of adults.

As teens, we are more communicative version of children who are able to create the ‘wonderland’ for themselves. And a few years later, this huge ‘country industry’ will give us a new shape. Before having our raw material became hard in the manufactury, it is our responsibility to combine the pure dreams of a child and adults’ experiences.

If we could spin the world between a childs dreams and adult’s knowledge, this would be perfect. Now you have just read one of my precious dreams that I have painted.

Welcome to my critical wonderland!!

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