Where art thou GOALS!?

So at the beginning of the year, I -like every other normal person-set out a couple of very specific and defined goals. As in, I broke them down into career, financial,spiritual, business, personal and even relationship goals.

You know, they always say make sure your goals are not too many so that you can attain them — I did that. I also promised myself that this year was going to be different from last year where by like March, I had completely forgotten the existence of my goals.

*sigh oh Boy!

I literally watched myself fall out of my goals and get tired of trying to achieve them unconsciously. You know when you read your goals and you just laugh cause every month you tell yourself, “yes I’m gonna go for it”, and by the end of the month you’re right there, that same place where you started from. It’s not even the middle of the year but half of my goals are now a joke (e.g. Write at least 4 times a week… sush a Joke)

And that is not a joke, I read them and I laugh at myself because I’m so behind. Plus some of my goal categories don’t even exist anymore.

I’m behind again

Like every other year

I’m right where I started

Something hit me though, there’s a reason you set these goals and don’t achieve them.

Trust me you would know if you were not working towards achieving your goals, your subconscious will remind you at some point, it will flash in your mind in some way.

The thing about change is if you don’t know why you’re changing then you will go back to exactly where you were before.

Same with goals-

what’s the reson behind the goal?

What do you get from achieveing that goal?

What have you attached to your goal?

How much does it mean to you!?

Do you want it badly?

What stops you from achieveing them? What is the problem!?

I’m going to answer these questions so I can get back on track. Especially the what is the problem one haha Because I want to know what the actual problem is!

I want to achieve my goals so bad, achieving my goals will ultimately make me a better person TBH. It’s weird how it’s easier to do the things that won’t impact our lives than to do those that will make us better and more successful.

Have solid answers to those questions and don’t let your goals be mere writings by the middle of the year.

Like your goals are like your personal KPI, meeting them means you’re succeeding in the business of living your life.

I want to meet up with my KPIs, I hope you do too.

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