Who Are Angels?

To mention anything at all about angels requires some questioning of whatever the notion could be that we conceive about this entity. Such questions are not easy to answer because angels sometimes manifest below the metaphysical realm, that is, the physical. An interesting question here centers around whether angels exist and live in form of ethereal or mythical as we used to think. If this is so, then, how do they affect the physical realm?

Angels are thought of as images that surround us all the time, and especially during holidays. Some times their way too incomprehensible make us think they are far from us when in fact, pseudoscience, many religion doctrines, and folklores suggest and even affirm to us that they exist both in reality and beyond what the senses can grasp. If angels exist and transcend the physical then, how do their form or being or say ontology affect man and the entire universe? One cannot rashly conclude that angels are non-existent. Evidence from every of our personal encounter both in the physical and the metaphysical suggest to us that they do exist. So now, if angels exist in some form then, in what form? Are they the existence we see painted in white, yellow, gold, glittering and glowing, silver illuminations in graphics and cultural and seemingly mythical folklores? The answer might be YES, might be NO. What could be thought of as the angels manifestation in real sense, form and reality is the action they act out, their influences, their contact with us. In fact, scientifically, how these influences in the universe are measurable and the extent to which this measurability attributes the said being-angels. If angels are, then how really is their form that we earlier conceived in our mind the true entity that exist of angels? Personal encounters even in various religion record the notable personalities in the scriptural texts and any other form of religion modalities have in one way or the other contacted angels physically. The angels manifest in physical but subtle form that humans barely relate with them fairly. If angels can be those guardians as guardian angels that are often often being referred to as the existence assigned to us by some supernatural entities to look after us or possibly guard us through life course, then how do these angels differ from real physical and fleshy human beings when they have intermingled with humans? Ambiguous there!

If angels take the form of the physical, then how are we sure that we are not living with some angels in our immediate household or even dating one of them or have married some of them?

It would be true to accept by careful thoughts that in this case, we live amidst angels. The angels most people are familiar with today are the Christian angels which originated from the scriptural texts. The catholic church has devoted some considerable efforts to describe and develop and extensive hierarchy of angels. According to this hierarchy of angels, their are nine different types of them within three classes or choirs- Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, and most common, archangels with an official conglomerate of 496,000 of angels.

According to Christianity and Islam, the one perfect way to justify the existence and form of angel is references made to the very fact that ever since Adam-> Abraham-> Virgin Mary. Some have in the scripture entertained angels or even walk with them. While it is also true that the manifestations of angels amidst humans can be some form of mysterious ethereal creatures with wings and glows. When we pray whole-heartedly while calling upon an angel with deep desire but devoid of selfish interest, they are most willing to answer us because they value/respect our free-will so that we are not determined by them but rather, they act as messengers to actualize our inner most desires. All that is good are the works of angels except fallen angels, those ones who were cast to the earth because they rebelled against God. Maybe they are in part the agents and perpetrators of evil. It is therefore rational and to think that if man does evil, the background which is the spiritual, the existence itself, that which transcend the physical are the back bones of evil doers, then we can expect evil doers to have enough strength inventing more evils.

They are devilish creatures when powers of dark forces combine with their physical strength then, we call them stronghold, the extra-ordinary, the necrophilic human beings. They nature of angel is but a multi-faceted, one which is said to evolve and revolve so that their existence seem ambiguous. And, as we think about their form, we encounter both correct and incorrect assertions but the most important part, angels do exist in diverse manifestations. Photo credits: Archangel and Devas Angelcrystalhealing FanPop community.gtarcade.com

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