Ladies Can Use Their Intelligence to Assign Duties to Their Men

Can your girl give you a new ritual to perform? You may begin to wonder what kind of ritual is there in an intimate relationship but the truth is, there is always at least a ritual to perform in a relationship. The ritual here is the ritual that keeps you in a consistent behavior when in a relationship with any loved one. I want to say that when the said ritual is over-practiced, it can ruin a perfect relationship.

Ladies are creatures who love to receive love and care from everyone and as such, they love it when you sacrifice anything to keep them safe or at least feel emotions for them as psychological literature would explain. However, as tender and caring many ladies seem to be, one can almost get frustrated by their outright demand for care.

I was a perfect example of this experience in the university in fact, I experienced it in my third year of the Bachelor of Science degree program scheduled to last for four years as it is in the course Psychology in which I major. The said relationship almost jeopardize my career but being strong-headed and determined I could not afford to end up in jeopardy all in the name of dating. Now, I will elucidate the most subtle way dating and any meaningful relationship can go hay wire by over-demand for care and attention by girls.

Some ladies demand much of their man’s attention. Imagine you are a kind of busy man who engage in some social roles, career, and education, you are in an intimate or say a romantic relationship with your lady. Let’s assume further that this nature of your social engagement is a type that so much engage you that you hardly have the time for yourself. My question now is, will you allot the time to your lady who demands your attention every now and then at the expense of your career?

The extent to which a lady can manipulate you is consequent upon your intelligence. Want to take and IQ test free?

To the above question, if your answer is yes, then your career get screwed and that would mean that your simply become a lady’s man but with no life purpose since career itself define life purpose to some meaningful extent.

How do you deal with this? It might be hard solving this problem of over-attention seeking behavior of some ladies because trying to resolve this issue has a potential power of breaking up the relationship if disagreement will linger in the process. Giving you a new ritual to perform would practically mean that your lady wants you to please her every time , and also hang out every time.

I would suppose this kind of socio-emotional life of the said lady is not the primary purpose of rational men. Rational men are not men who waste time on ladies to compromise their life purpose (goal),- what some other people would refer to as destiny. Rational men do things by their own principle and have a plan to make the future a fortunate one. However, this is not to say that they are emotionless for ladies but they do not get trapped by subtle emotional manipulations.

If you want to compromise your life purpose that is, what many people will call destiny, over-indulgence in your lady can do it for you. And if you are not strong and smart enough, you may fall flat. Dear readers, be careful; balance your relationship with career.

If you have once been a victim of this said discourse, the purpose of this article is not to make you become aggressive with anyone, not even with that your wonderful girlfriend. It is about becoming more assertive by explicitly stating your own demand side-by-side with the other party’s demand which in this context, would be your lady.

Make your ladies realize that as she needs attention that you’re required to give it to her, she should not help you forfeit that wonderful job, that source of income, that abode of knowledge, intelligence and wisdom. She should try to understand and realize she is in the best position to help you actualize your goal, not tear it apart. If she did not accept after all is said, then she doesn’t love you.

It seem the saying that “behind a successful man is always a woman” is incorrect here because if I may ask, where is that lady who over-seek a man’s attention for intimacy and/ curdle knowing beforehand that he is such a person always having important appointments that can in fact bring him to the spotlight and yet expect simultaneous success for him even in the face of time waste?

As a man, it’s high time you begin to realize that “you are your own most important resource for making your life work, until you goals are aspirations are turned into actions, they are of no value”- Anonymous. Re-wire yourself man! Why should men be screwed up by ladies or mere giving their time to them?

It sounds funny to me any time I hear a friend say “I’m afraid she’s gonna break up with me if I don’t go to meet her or buy her that stuff often”. Look here man, that is contrary to reality, she will leave you and never come back again not because you so much focus on your long term goal but because you’ve not achieved any meaningful thing in your career.

She will soon forget the attention she demanded and that which you gave as soon as you screw up things just by compromise and submission of yourself to your lady at the expense of that anticipated means of livelihood if you do not have one at present. Your lady now becomes your career. A man’s sure-fire way to get screwed or be a social jerk is to forfeit whatever is it he calls his future. Dear guys, wake up and do the right thing.

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