Why soul Mate Might Be A Dangerous Idea

The definition of the term soul mate is a kind of definition that may seem appealing you begin to look for your soul mate because by definition, soul mate would mean there is an important and significant person in your life that have the qualities which you lack and therefore you need to look for this person in order to complete you and as a result could make you more successful just typical in the same fashion of the lock and key hypothesis of enzymatic reaction. It would be supposed that soul mate is not an idea limited to only male-female bond or relationship but rather general human ties. However, much emphasis would be placed on male-female relationship, long lasting marriage ties and the likes.

The following is a highlight of the reasons you should disengage from the idea that a soul mate exist. They are no criticism at all but rather that one should strictly be in doubt of the sole-called soul mates. Do they exist?

It is a crude idea

This idea seem crude and of course, psychologically unhealthy because you may later find out that the one you call a soul mate does not have the requirements you supposed a soul mate should have to suit your taste.

It may not allow you to move forward

Yes, once you believe there is someone out there to complete you, you might disengage yourself from the usual activities of goal attainment that ought to prosper you into a self-fulfilling entity. You simply do things with non-chalant attitude and unprepared mind because a soul mate exist to complete you. This does not allow for self-confidence and self-achievement.

Your happiness always depend on some other entity

This is not a healthy way of keeping a perfect relationship. When you realize you are almost screwed and often unhappy with a second or third party whose heart is tied to yours, you might even fall sick since happiness is a sign of healthy living and when the source of happiness is farther away, what do you think would become of you?

Soul mate might make you exaggerate mystical beings and overall mystical phenomena

This may occur when your own definition of soul mate is “ someone appointed to make my life better just from the divine” When you think of soul mate as angels, even this way of thinking may let you assume that love is blind which may further bring you into more relationship jeopardy because angels are assumed to be flawless for their ethereal and divine existence but here what do humans mean divine? What about fallen and dark angels that can make one’s life more miserable?

Endless search for the perfect fit

There is but one subtle technique the devil may use against you when you believe in the existence of soul mate: you search and search and search that time whiles and wear away. Do you have to engage in endless search and tourism of the perfect one for your life?

It is only the rational being and unwavering mind that would be infallible by the seemingly mythical idea of soul mate. I think your soul mate doesn’t exist.

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