Medium Bragging Trends 2017

Do you remember the early days of any already popular medium like Instagram? Users shared nice shots about things they love. What we see right now is that Instagram became some kind of commodity for a person’s status: Bentley, Rolex, chicks, dough. As for me, Medium is the next victim of human flaws.

It happened somehow that I got addicted to reading Medium. For two months now I’ve been consuming around 5–8 stories before I hit the sack.

And I’ve noted that majority of Medium writers brag about the same things in their stories, and this is getting quite boring. An “Aha” moment I had a month ago already disappeared.

Here I would like to show my list of 5 most popular Medium bragging trends.

This is a reverse listicle that gives me all butt hurt. I’ve listed it bottom up to make a little bit more amusing.

#5 How Did Someone Quit Their Job, and What Happened Next?

As for me Ali Mese was a trendsetter in this category, after his story kicked lots of asses (and still kicks) every writer with a mass of ego spits a story on the same topic.


#4 How Does Someone Write?

If you are a writer with little to no experience who cares, how do you write? And how many words of a crappy copy you can spit out.

Stop bragging about those 2K words you’ve written after having a morning stroke.

#3 How Does Someone Get Motivated?

God, I’m sick of those motivational stories. Any time I open Medium app, there are at least two stories about how they get motivation and inspiration to get their “shit done”.

There’s enough of stories like this, stop writing what’s already been covered thousands of times already.

#2 How Did Someone Got Fired?

Another strange story that everyone tries to brag about, still only your ex boss may know the truth why you got fired.

#1 Measuring Dicks…Paychecks

Can you remind me what was your paycheck last month? Oh, you don’t need to worry I’ll check out your income report.

Who da puck cares how much do you earn?

Some other “trend” is missing, drop your ideas in the comments.