The Best Dating App is Uber

Dating apps feel awkward. No matter how I actually start a conversation, I’m implicitly starting off with, “Hi, I’m messaging you because based on the carefully crafted online persona you’ve put together, I think I might like you. Let’s meet up to talk to see if we really would make a good match or if not then at least see if there’s potential for casual sex.”

It would be great if there was a way to meet people where I could see a more true-to-life version of them, see if we click conversationally, and do it all in a low-pressure natural setting.

Enter Uber — specifically, Uberpool. For those unfamiliar with Uberpool, go read about it. Done? Great. I’ve had some great dates come out from conversations I’ve had in Uberpools.

So why Uber? For one, it’s something I’d do regardless. Online dating eats up time I’d otherwise spend doing something else. When I’m taking an Uber, the possibility of meeting someone is a bonus added to something I’d be doing anyway.

There’s also a high likelihood for me to meet someone with whom I have something in common. We’re traveling from the same general area to the same general area at the same time. If it’s in the morning, it means we live and work in the same area. If it’s on a weekend evening, that means we have similar taste in night life. We also both prefer Uberpool to other means of transportation and don’t mind that it takes longer than a regular Uber. It doesn’t seem like much, but already, my match pool is narrowed down by far more than an app like Tinder would. Speaking of Tinder, in an Uberpool I get to see people as they look like in real life, not the pixel-perfect version of themselves they present in their photos.

Finally (and most importantly), I genuinely like talking to people, so starting a conversation with a girl in an Uber is something I do regardless of whether I think she’s be a good match. If I have a 20 minutes in which my choices are do nothing, stare at my phone, or talk to another passenger, I‘ll happily pick the third option. I’ve gotten to know a lot of interesting people that way (Maybe I’ll write about it sometime).

So, dear reader, try talking to one of your pool-mates next time you take an Uberpool. You never know what could happen.

— — — —

P.S. Lyft Line also works.