Precautions of Wall Stickers

1. If you are going to attach wall stickers to the surface of the glass or tile, because this material is relatively smooth, it’s better to clean up the surface before application of the custom wall stickers since that will make wall stickers easier for adhere.

2. A little bubble will turn up after some big size wall stickers are applied on wall. Then you can use hard plain card to scratch off the bubble, or use tiny needle to prick the bubble in order to release the gas. But it would affect the whole pattern. So you should better be careful while applying the wall stickers. Prick the bubble only if it is necessary.

3. If the wall becomes damp, ageing or is just painted, the applied wall stickers will peel off by themselves, or sometimes they will pull white painting off from wall. Then you can use air blower to dry the wall or wait until the just painted wall to completely volatilize. Later you can apply the wall stickers on the wall, but the effect more or less is not as good as high quality wall stickers. So it’s better for you to choose a good position for wall stickers. You should check the wall quality before any application of wall stickers in order to enjoy a long service life.

4. If you mindlessly apply wall stickers on wrong position, you can use small knife to pick up the wall stickers’ edge to peel it off, and then re-position it. Zigpac wall stickers can be reused many times only that you don’t break it.

5. DIY series of wall stickers are composed with very tightly arranged patterns, you can fly your imagine to compose them in any place you like to make them in excellent effect. You can cut around patterns firstly (don’t cut on pattern), and then set a general layout and adjust them gradually.

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