This means that the more symbols in a Sketch file, the less likely you (or any of your colleagues) are to run into any conflicts.
A Component-based Workflow for Sketch
Tim Van Damme

Hey Tim! Huge fan. First time, long time. Kevin from Abstract Support sent me this way because my team encountered a bug where changes are being overwritten when updating from master without Abstract warning of conflicts. He mentioned the workaround was just putting every single item in symbols.

We generally follow the system you outline in this post, but there are times when putting every single object in a symbol just seems unnecessary.

Just curious if you had any feedback or any other suggestions to avoid this aside from putting everything into a symbol.

To be honest, while probably better for the team in the long run to catalog single component in a design, this process seems like a lot to ask. Especially if the punishment is the loss of data.

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