5 Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing for your Brand in UAE

As more and more brands are looking for their target audiences on the move, SMS marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of effective multi-channel marketing. However, several organizations mistakenly are known to believe that bulk SMS marketing requires huge investment and lacks strong analysis to support ROI. But the truth remains, that access to mobile communications is far easier than perceived. It helps you gain access to mobile consumers (smartphone as well as non-smartphone) by simply sending a personalised and targeted text message.

For example: When an online e-commerce portal is offering a new smartphone application which allows shoppers to look for merchandise by uploading pictures of what they exactly want to buy. This is when; a monitored SMS can be sent to their target audience across UAE and sometimes even to different countries (according to their preference), which will automatically promote their application.

However, you must be wondering how can it help your brand, right? To know, continue reading!

No Sugar Coating — It’s Direct

One of the most cost effective, quick and reliable channel for marketing in UAE is through Bulk SMS. With the ability to target specific segments of the population in UAE, you can reach your target audience with the minimum turnaround time — no sugar coating at all! Research has proved that more than 95% open their SMS within 3 minutes after receiving them.

We All Work Together — Integrating With Other Channels

One of the important factor of SMS marketing in UAE is that it supports other marketing channels and provides better impact. Though mobile communication is a great standalone channel, it yet has the ability to be a helping hand to other marketing mediums, such as email marketing and social media marketing or even print media. 
For example: A reminder message few days before the offer ends will help in increasing the foot fall as customers would have already seen the offer through other media channels.

A Friendly Affair — Get to Know Your Customers Well

Text messages is a great marketing tool that helps you get feedback from your customers via a simple survey. This means, you are bound to get the accurate results within no time.

Increase Customer Engagement

It is always better to first know what your consumers or customers are looking for and design your SMS content surrounding it. While your customers may value the updates and news about your brand via text, more creative messaging will be appropriate, as the updates can also be sent via an email. Moreover, brands are seen using SMS Marketing for quicker, expected sales-related offers such as vouchers, discounts and promotions.

Keep a Track — Helps to Monitor and Improve

Response data helps you identify customers that engage via SMS and track meaningful ROI. This reveals the realities to the misconceptions of SMS marketing being a channel which is inefficient to track and bringing it closer to email marketing. With the analysis that you get, your brand can create further targeted campaigns.