Build Your Mobile-Marketing List in UAE With these Simple Strategies

Marketing has always been about building relationships with your customers and potential customers. Moreover, mobile marketing in UAE is all about reaching your consumers at a personal level — on the device they use 24x7. However, as you are reaching out to them on a personal level, you must make sure those connections are made in the right way. How? Continue reading to know.

The Short Message Service (SMS) compliance requirements in UAE indicate that merchants must have previous written consent before sending marketing messages via SMS. If you happen to send it to people who have not opted-in, you may face fines.

Moreover, getting consent is something that needs to be done. If you really want your customers to engage with your brand or organization, you surely want them to welcome your messages as well.

Note: Non-marketing messages like flight updates, bank deposit notices are not included in the guidelines or compliance’s.

Here’s how you can build your mobile-marketing list in UAE:

1) Update your signs and promotions

wherever you have placed your ads, whether trade show booths or any other on-site advertising signage or even social media, update it. Request your customers and potential customers to share their basic information to receive special offers as well as other marketing updates.

2) Give them incentives

Offer something of value to people for signing up. Moreover, ask the ones who have signed up to encourage their friends and family to do the same too. Make sure you do not forget to emphasize the benefits of long-term benefits of being part of the list. Incentives can be anything from promotions, exclusives deals and offers or even certain benefits.

3) Ask in person

Make the most out of a face-to-face conversation. Ask employees and loyal customers to forward your SMS messages and invite opt-in at every point-of-sale and customer service interaction.

TIP: Put yourself in the constituents’ shoes and offer a compelling reason to get mobile messages that will appeal to that group of people.
No matter what business you are in, there are numerous ways to build your mobile marketing list. To make it much easier, involve your staffs and do not be shy to outsource the service. The longer your list is the more prospective customers you will be able to reach. Keep changing your message to avoid boring your customers away.