Get Great Results When You Send Your First SMS Campaign in Saudi Arabia

Here is a huge statistic: 8.4 trillion text messages are sent across every year on average. 10 billion per day in the GCC countries alone. That is over 15 times the number of Facebook messages and 10 times the number of tweets.

With all the text messages going back and forth, it is not wonder that marketing teams are finding SMS marketing to be extremely successful in Saudi Arabia as well.

Bulk SMS marketing in Saudi Arabia is one of the best ways to send across time-sensitive information to your consumers all across GCC. Most users are bound to check their phones every 10 minutes, and text messages are known to have a higher follow-through rate than any other form of communication.

If you are running or plan on running mobile message campaigns, here are some tips on what will work will for your first SMS campaign in Saudi Arabia
Tip: Before getting started you must ensure that the contacts you are about to choose would like to include in your SMS campaign.

Let The Consumers Select How Often You Message Them

It is a good practice for businesses in Saudi Arabia to offer their consumers with varied choices in the frequency of the bulk text messages they will be receiving from your company. Few customers will appreciate and like hearing from you each time you have a new promotion. However, the others will prefer to only be notified when there is a specific item of their interest on sale. You will not have to be worried about overstepping your welcome, if you allow your consumers select the frequency of communication by themselves.

Offer Real/Great Value in The First Go

The majority of text messages in Saudi Arabia are read almost as soon as they are received by the consumers. From a business standpoint, this is absolute good news, but it also means that the risk of consumer burn-out is much higher than with the other less-immediate methods of communication. Make sure that all of your messages are seen to be offering real or great value to your consumers as well as potential customers. Otherwise they may simply unsubscribe from the service& you definitely do not want that to happen.

Schedule A Time To Send Across The Message

The content of your text message is definitely an important factor to consider, however, after this, there is more. Timing! The time you send out the message can also affect whether the message is read or simply forgotten by the end receiver. For example, a message sent during the morning rush or peak-hours in Saudi Arabia is unlikely to generate the expected response response. However, by Thursday afternoon customers are known to start making weekend purchasing plans, and that is when it is a good time to send out big-ticket offers and discount or special offers. Think carefully about your target audience before sending the messages across and when they are most likely to see your offer prior to sending a message.