Grow Your Mobile Subscriber List in UAE With These Easy Steps

Just like in the email world; acquiring subscribers legally is vital for the success of mobile initiative or campaign in UAE. With about 44% of subscribers in UAE and GCC countries willing to opt for SMS marketing, it does not seem like a marketing promotion we should be ignoring. Mentioned below are a few easy steps that can be used to grow your list of mobile subscribers, keep reading to avail benefits of the same in your business.

  • Calls-to-Action: First thing to keep in mind when you want to promote your short codes and mobile keywords
  • Tactics: Important strategies to keep in mind for your calls to action and mobile campaigns
  • Channels: Ways in which you can make use of different channels to automatically increase you mobile subscription list
  • Advanced tactics: A little more technical and difficult campaigns that can readily increase participating and engagement for mobile initiatives


  • Caps- lock
    A call to action button that makes use of bold and capitalized keywords tend to cause lesser confusion for people looking to sign up for text messages. For eg: Text Opt In to 1234, not Opt in to 1234.
  • No quotations
    Avoid using quotation marks in your call to action, as many a time people get confused as to where it is supposed to be used.
  • Avoid words that can be easily Auto-corrected
    Several people in UAE use phones with spellcheck features, which automatically corrects their text message. For example: the keyword URDEAL may limit your opt-ins, as many phones will auto correct it to ORDEAL.
  • Give them benefits
    It is always a smart thing to do when you include benefits as a part of your call to action. Usually the incentives that work well are prizes, exclusive offers, discounts, privileges or even last minute notifications.

2) Tactics

  • Cross-channel promotion
    It is always smart to promote your mobile call to action across all the other marketing channels like social, email and more.
  • Manage a database
    Mobile marketing represents an additional channel to connect with clients and potential clients. Instead of trying to expand the mobile following, you must focus on enriching the entire customer database by making use of additional means of communication.
  • Engaging content
    Perhaps an obvious tactic, sending your subscribers relevant and engaging content will ensure social media referrals as well a word of mouth all over UAE. This in turn wil automatically drive up your opt in list.

3) Channels

  • Sign Ups
    You can capture mobile subscribers on the web in UAE by having people putting in their phone number into an online HTML form. Or, you can also ask them to insert their numbers in the Facebook form that will add them to your mobile subscribers list.
  • QR Codes
    QR Codes are known to automatically populate a text message. Scanning a simple QR code can form a text message to code 1234 with keyword README.

4) Advanced tactics

  • Engaging content: Give your subscribers incentives so that encourage their friends to sign up for your mobile list. A particular innovative campaign where encouraging friends helps your subscribers win exciting prizes can be a win-win.
  • Instant wins: Give away instant win awards to your subscribers on the spot. For example: Get 2% off for signing up and automatically be entered in the contest for winning a brand new motor bike!
Hope these tips help you all in growing your mobile subscribers list. If you have anymore tips kindly post them in the comment section below.