How to Send Across Your First SMS Campaign in Saudi Arabia

All set and excited to send out your first SMS marketing campaign in Saudi Arabia? You have done your research, grown your list, familiarized with how it all is going to work, and then finally, there you are ready to send that text to your customers all across Saudi Arabia. However, here are the three key factors you need to remember while boiling down your perfect SMS message into 140 characters.

a) Highlight Your offer

Begin your message by stating what you are going to offer your consumers. Most of the phones will definitely showcase the preview of the message even when the screen is locked & you should have your offer in the preview section. Once your recipient has read the message, he/she will most likely already have decided if they are interested or not, just by looking at the preview of the SMS received.

b) Identify Your Brand

In the first few lines of your text message itself, you must identify your brand so that your customers know who they are receiving the SMS from. Usually, bulk SMS campaigns in Saudi Arabia are received from numbers that are not saved in the phone book, and hence you must not expect people to turn up to your business unless you have told who you are.

c) Expiration Date Is Must

There are two main reasons you would want to add an expiration date to your bulk SMS campaign. First of all, there is nothing more aggravating to a customer than coming to a store and finding out the offer has expired. Secondly, a sense of urgency is needed, because if it is open ended, there is no reason they would take it up any sooner.

Here Are Some Basic Beginner Guidelines:

Your campaign should create value

You must put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Ask yourself, whether you would like to receive unnecessary texts from your customers or no. It could damage your brand image. However, the bottom line is, you should make sure the bulk SMS you send must create real value for customers.

Keep an eye on frequency

Avoid bombarding your customers in Saudi Arabia with text messages. If you find yourself needing to break the rule, do so only on rare occasions, and the offer you will be sending out should be one heck of a deal.

Call to action

A clear call-to-action is required when putting together your bulk SMS campaign. This lets your customer know what the next move is and also gives them a push in the right direction.

SMS Marketing Campaign Examples

There are various ways in which one can alter bulk SMS marketing campaigns in Saudi Arabia to be successful. Some techniques are known to be more effective than others. A lot depends on your audience as well as the type of industry you are into. Here are some generic campaign ideas:

Save More — “Visit our store & show this text for 50% off any entree! Deal expires 2/24/16.”

Spend More — “Visit us & show this text for a $10 gift card when you spend $50 or more on Christmas gift cards! Deal expires 12/25/16.”

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