How to choose the right platform for your mobile app.

Many entrepreneurs and businesses that engage in the development of a mobile application ask themselves before initiating their project; is it necessary to develop an iOS and Android application from day one? It’s true that most mobile apps are available for both platforms (OS), but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for your project.

First things first. You must define what the functional use of your mobile application is. Without going into subcategories, there are basically two possibilities; operational or commercial use. In both cases, there is no single formula and different alternatives are possible.

To illustrate the differences between operational and commercial mobile app, let’s take the example of GoStan, one of our partners at Bulldozer. GoStan is a startup that provides the next generation technology in terms of in-seat delivery service for sports organizations. The GoStan team has three different mobile applications; an iOS and Android mobile app that allows users to order food, an iPad app that allows restaurants to receive orders and an iPhone app that enables delivery boy to orient themselves in the stadium while delivering orders.

By analyzing the functional use of the three different mobile applications, it was obvious that the GoStan team would have to choose different technologies for its operational and commercial applications.

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