6 Reasons Why I’m not Afraid of Bitcoin Volatility

In a bear market, it is often easy to lose hope and, at times, doubt Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. I have been there many times, and Bitcoin has caused me to lose a lot of sleep. The most sleep I ever lost, however, was May 2015 — September 2017. In my previous job, I worked in a bustling and very hectic distribution company. I, along with other members ran, most aspects of the WMS software. As there were always people working between multiple shifts; I found that I was working 12–14 hours a day and most nights I would be home around 10:00 PM. As tired and emotionally drained as I was, I was rejuvenated by the fact that I could have the next 2–3 hours to work on Bitcoin research and contact my clients concerning their cold storage questions. Yes, I lost sleep, but it was because I actually couldn’t sleep due to a few crypto related reasons (I’m guessing some readers can relate)

  1. Constantly refreshing Coinbase on my phone, and watching the price movement.
  2. Always worrying about if I wrote down my Ledger Nano S private keys correctly.
  3. Fear of not being able to log into Bitfinex and losing my funds.
  4. Regularly reading new and exciting information about Bitcoin and these strange things called ICO’s.
  5. Watching youtube videos with guys in trucks talking about shit coins.
  6. Wondering if I had potentially wasted a substantial portion of my liquid assets on imaginary internet money.

Despite all these rational fears I understood that this was potentially the “Next Big Thing.” I remember thinking in college that something like the internet boom was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I realized quickly after the 2013 spike to $1200 that Bitcoin was something I needed to look at.

Short term price fluctuations should not scare investors. I firmly believe that Bitcoin has yet to find its place in our world economy honestly. I also feel strongly that the Bitcoin of today will be drastically different than the Bitcoin of 2025. Bitcoin is entirely a speculation game in the current state, anyone who claims otherwise is unrealistic. The foundations and infrastructure of Bitcoin allow for a choppy and stressful exchange of value in a decentralized and censorship-resistant environment. This is great, but we need constant improvement from the Bitcoin ecosystem. Long term use case and for Bitcoin is massive, I imagine a world where international oil trading, commerce, and real estate is settled on the Bitcoin network. I believe we have only seen a small speculative taste of what Bitcoin is capable of, and regarding price, I expect that it too will drastically rise as multiple use cases are found.

I don’t worry price volatility in the short term because of the following:

  1. Bitcoin forks will eventually die off, and that capital will be put back into Bitcoin.
  2. Most alts will go to zero, and much of that capital will go to strong alts and Bitcoin.
  3. Improvements in scaling will occur — It just takes time.

Never invest more than you can afford to lose, and always invest in Bitcoin with a 2–3-year time horizon.

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