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Mar 26 · 2 min read

BX3s Crypto Janitor Program — Cleaning up non-compliant ICOS in 2019

Had a great time talking with Kyle Asman, a partner at BX3 Capital. During this interview, Bill and Kyle touch on some of the regulatory concerns which are plaguing the market today. Both Kyle and Bill are in agreement that the vast majority of tokens which launched in 2017 and 2018 are actually securities! Great, this is the established opinion of many in the space, but what can these startups do now? Kyle and BX3 have put together a service for projects which are in violation and WANT to make things right!

The project is called Crypto Janitors, and the purpose is to help companies who would like to right the wrongs of the past and become compliant. As we move into 2019 the SEC and other agencies will resume regulatory action, therefore it is imperative that companies take initiative and begin the process to become compliant.

We have seen major crypto hedge funds like Pantera Capital issue announcements that many of the projects which they supported are in danger of being deemed securities. This problem is massive and the only way to move forward in the space is to address the issues head-on.

BX3 Capital, a consulting service for blockchain businesses, is looking to help ICOs clean up compliance and regulatory models in an effort to get them back on track. To do so, the firm is launching its Crypto Janitors program.

Bill and Kyle also discuss the current bear market, exciting projects, and what the future holds for Bitcoin as we move into 2019 and 2020!

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