Japan Widely Accepts BTC as Payment — What Else Happened this Week in Crypto?

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  • BITCOIN stable but a move up or down is coming soon as we enter a squeeze zone
  • Tezos staking on Coinbase
  • Japan once again leading Bitcoin innovation with new companies accepting BTC as payment.
  • ALTS on the Run for double-digit gains
  • Weiss report lists EOS, BTC, XRP as top 3 cryptos.
  • Exclusive BFG interview with Ledger CEO.
  • Switcheo v3 release !

Market Overview

Bitcoin sentiment and movement again has remained overwhelmingly positive. The price of 1 BTC is hovering around the $4000 price range once again. We have had relative stability here and are likely to make another move higher or lower as we are entering squeeze zones again. This month also provided us with extremely low volatility.

We view a bearish trend reversal if we are unable to quickly bounce off the $3900 level.

Volatility is in itself a neutral signal. Historically, however, low-volatility periods in BTC have always preceded prolonged bull runs, especially after capitulation moments of high momentum as seen in November and December. — Murad Mahmudov

Either way we have had 4 months of somewhat stable price movement and a major bump up or down is likely.

1. Altcoins running

Tezos — 18%
Raven Coin— 15%
EOS — 18%
BNB — 15%
Cardano ADA— 8%

2. Coinbase is Launching Staking Services!


First up Tezos— a project which is facing a lot of drama with threats of class action lawsuits and any investors. This Tim Draper supported Project has seen a near 100% rise in price over the past 60 days.

3. Weiss Report — Published Crypto Rankings!

Bitcoin, XRP, and EOS are the top three- the Weiss Report has received much criticism however, they are backing their report on fundamental analysis.


4. Big News out of Japan


Rakuten Marketing UK, a massive e-commerce company, was awarded a cryptocurrency exchange operating permit from the regulatory Financial Services Agency(FSA). Japan Railways Group plans to accept Bitcoin as payment.


Bull Flag Group interviews Internet OG and Co-founder of Wikipedia and Everipedia Larry Sanger!

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Switcheo Launches V3 — Bill gets the exclusive interview !

Check out the full interview below ! Best DEX 2019!

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