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Apr 23 · 3 min read

One of the biggest problems in the crypto and blockchain space is finding a use case for tokens or coins. One of the most frustrating things to see as an investor are projects which are promoting a “ Blockchain solution to your problems”. In most cases these problems are fabricated and blockchain isn’t remotely necessary to solve these problems.

One company that has stuck out over the past year is called Phunware.

They managed to check off a few requirements which is fairly difficult, especially in the crypto space.

They have been in business for about 10 years, and have an impressive portfolio of large and dominant companies with whom they work with. WWE, Nascar, NFL, and many more utilize the underlying technology which is based on Phunware tech!

So, why integrate crypto?

So after speaking with Randall Crowder of Phunware on I began to realize just how impressive this company is and why I think they will become successful in the future!

They have identified opportunities in the real world where micro-payments, blockchain, and digital data can all be merged to help CONSUMERS and COMPANIES. One of the biggest problems we see in 2019 is that large companies monetize personal data and individuals rarely are compensated for this. We are simply used as a target by which companies can feed us products and services based on our online profiles. Phunware believes that this will not always be the case, and people are becoming wise to the Facebooks and Googles of the world and they want real change.

So why Phunware ?

Phunware provides white label services for private companies to create their own reward or loyalty programs. So Randall gave a great example about airlines. Take for example an airline company which wants to make sure that flights leave on time, every time, this process helps the entire supply chain, it reduces costs, and makes customers and employees happy. Phunware proposes that airlines have an app which incentivises customers to be near their required gates 10 mins prior to takeoff. The airline could have an app which is able to set up a location around the gate of choice and once individuals are within a certain amount of feet from the gate they are instantly rewarded with a phunware powered white labeled airline coin which can be used for credit at the airport or future flights. This could also connect with partner companies which are located in the airport. All this would utilize blockchain tech and

Small micro payments.

Why else is Phuware unique?

They are the first company to release a Token and be listed on the Nasdaq! Part of what Randall and his team want to stress is the fact they they WANT to embrace regulation and seek to showcase that they are 100% transparent and pushing towards creating a better image for Blockchain companies. Randall describes the process of going public as very difficult but it’s all a part of creating a quality company. Randall also stresses the fact that this company is real! There are not a bunch of remote workers who have never met, this is a brick and mortar operation with real officices and a staff of around 150 people.

For more information on Phunware and our FULL interview check out our website and youtube channel below !

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