3 Ways to Have a Top 50 Interview Experience

Photo Credit: Big Stock/Ivanko80

The votes are in, and recently Glassdoor released their list of the 50 Best Places to Interview. Surprisingly, the companies at the top of the list aren’t those you might expect (i.e. the Googles, Facebooks, and Apples of the world). The top 10 consist of a variety of legal, retail, and accounting firms that tend not to offer the sexy perks you would find in Silicon Valley.

People loved interviewing at these companies. Why? And how can you make your interview experience just as great? And, more importantly, what happens after you have a great interview — do you still have a good job experience?

We think every interview has the potential to be a great interview, regardless of the company. Here are our tips for making sure you get the most out of your recruitment process using BULLIT.

Make the conversation personal.

What candidates reportedly liked most about their top 50 best places to interview was the fact that their interviews felt more like conversations.

“A company’s eagerness to find the ‘right fit’ also contributed to positive candidate experiences. A Sherwin-Williams candidate said, “All friendly folks, upfront and honest, looking to hire the right people.” Similarly, a Grant Thornton candidate explained, ‘Audit managers and partner were super down to earth and approachable. … They seemed to be mostly interested in getting to know me and seeing how well my personality fits in the company.’”

Granted, it can be hard to control the tone or direction of the interview, especially since you’re the one answering the questions for the most part. But, before you get to the company, do your research. Check on the hiring manager’s BULLIT profile to see what their soft skills are, and understand what your personality fit is by reading your own feedback. You can answer questions in a way that conveys a deeper insight about what you’re really like to work with, because at the end of the day, that’s what a manager really wants to know. And, when it’s your turn to ask questions, ask the kinds of things you wish you had been asked — the things that will help you determine whether or not this company is right for you.

Go for transparency.

Make it easy for your potential new coworkers to get a sense of who you are at the office by curating your BULLIT profile. While you’re free to hide any of the anonymous views that might be less than perfect, showing the good with the bad will help them understand better how you’ll fit in with the team. You can do the same research; candidates say their best interviews are the ones that are candid and provide clarity as to what it would be like to work there. Check on others’ BULLIT profiles to see what they’re willing to show — and how much they hide.

Do your homework.

BULLIT gives you some degree of control over how you approach your interviews. With our community, you can show your best side — the side of you that doesn’t fit on a one page resume. You can offer a list of meaningful references before being asked. And you can ask better questions of the managers and potential new team mates you’re getting to know while they interview you. But what happens after this process is over? Why are so few of the companies on the top places to interview list also on the best places to work list?

If you look at Glassdoor’s 50 Best Places to Work, the top 10 companies have nothing in common with the Top Places to Interview list. Our takeaway is that just because you have a great interview experience, doesn’t necessarily mean the culture is going to be the same. Do some reflecting to see what matters most to you in a company, and then follow the leaders at the organizations you’re interested in on BULLIT to see what their strengths and weaknesses are. Anonymous feedback is the best way to get an inside look at what’s going on at a company, and by seeing how people reflect on a CEO or president should give you good insight into the true nature of an organization.

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