7 Ways to Boost Your Motivation Now That Summer Is Ending

Days are getting shorter, temperatures are falling, and that back-to-school feeling is in the air. Though there are still a few precious moments of summer left, it’s time to get back into the grind of things. Here’s how to boost your motivation now that summer Fridays are winding down!

Get some positive reinforcement.

Nothing helps you get motivated quite like being rewarded with high praise. Use BULLIT to ask for feedback — and watch the good reviews roll in. Remind yourself why you’re the real deal with reviews on your creativity, leadership, and trustworthiness.

Feel empowered by your good memories.

As Deep Patel recommends in Entrepreneur, your motivation is there — it might just be still on summer vacation. Revisit those moments when you’ve succeeded in accomplishing your goals to tap into your natural motivation. “Recall as vividly as you can a fulfilling memory of succeeding or accomplishing your goals. Imagine this memory as if it were being projected on a huge IMAX screen.” Look back to your BULLIT feedback for positive memories when people thought you knocked it out of the park. That feeling of positivity and satisfaction will trigger your intrinsic motivation to resurface.

Set big deadlines.

Big, scary deadlines, to be precise. Give yourself a kickstart by setting a goal to make significant progress on your goals now, not in December. Kat Boogard says this is the way to get yourself moving, fast: “According to the research, setting your deadlines this way better connects your future self to your present self, which will inspire you to start working — even in those moments when you feel totally unmotivated.”

Gamify your to-do list.

Embrace your competitive side! See how many tasks you can get done in an hour, a day, or by the end of the week. Reward yourself each time you meet your milestones. Research shows that gamifying your workday has lots of benefits. Statistically, gamification increased productivity levels for 90% of workers and led to an increased desire to be at work and engaged (30%).

Try the Pomodoro Technique.

Getting easily distracted? We’ve all been there. Check out this video on using the Pomodoro Technique to work in short, productive bursts. Much like gamification, this technique allows you reward yourself and still check Facebook by using timed breaks interspersed with focused spurts of work. Eventually, you won’t even notice you’ve been working through the day.

Variety is the spice of life.

Give yourself a variety of tasks that let you draw on a range of skills. Doing the same routine tasks day in and day out can be extremely demotivating. Try to change things up by structuring your day so you get to use different skills from your arsenal. Break down your big tasks into smaller chunks that you can intersperse with the more run-the-railroads routine stuff. By stimulating different parts of your brain, you’ll keep recharging your motivation.

Think positive.

Key to feeling motivated? Feeling great about your work. Negativity breeds procrastination — and while you might be feeling bummed about the end of summer, that emotion won’t do you any good. Research has shown that happiness increases productivity and makes you more successful. How can you feel optimistic…when you don’t feel optimistic? Reward your progress and celebrate achieving milestones, no matter how small.

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Originally published at BULLIT.