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Highlights of articles from across the web to help you keep your career on target

Keeping your career on target is no easy task. Between managing your reputation and maximizing your expertise, keeping up with everything can feel like a full-time job! So, to help you out, we’ve scoured the Internet for another round of Week-End Reads and discovered some great articles worth reading.

From fostering workplace innovation to changing bad habits, gain the tips you need to stay polished and informed, so you know where you stand!

Bullit Read: Can You Pay Employees to Innovate? Yes, But Only If You Do It Right

It’s often believed that monetary reward is the ultimate motivator. But, new research reveals that non-monetary, team-based rewards can drive innovation further in the workplace than individual financial compensation. Individual pay rewards can even decrease creative performance. In this Forbes article, author Susan Adams explores how you can use this understanding to find the balance between encouraging employee innovation and rewarding individual motivation.

Bullit Read: How to Ask for Feedback That Will Actually Help You

Feedback on professional performance is crucial. Yet, employees across the board either rarely get any feedback on their capabilities or mostly gain insight through how their bonuses compares to their peers’. While leaders need to motivate employees and push their companies forward by offering constructive feedback, an employee’s ability to ask for that feedback is just as important. In this Harvard Business Review article, author Peter Bregman offers key tips employees can apply at work so they speak up and get the performance insight they need to advance their careers — while doing all they can to drive business success.

Bullit Read: How to Break Your Bad Work Habits

Whether by nature or nurture, we all have pros and cons to our characters. And as a professional, we inevitably bring these traits into the workplace, which can both positively and negatively impact our performance and the company dynamics as a whole. While it may sometime feel like these qualities are stuck in stone, in reality, we all have the ability to change, grow and expand who we are as people. In this article from the Wall Street Journal, author Dennis Nishi explores how we can break our bad work habits — and why doing so even matters in the first place.

We thought these were some of best articles online in the past couple of weeks — but we’d love to hear what you’ve found! Tweet us @bullitapp with your #Fridayreads. And come back for our Week-End Reads, so you have the insight you need to make the most of your professional life. Shoot straight!

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