What makes a great leader?

It’s often clear who the good leaders are — Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Sheryl Sandberg, to name a few — but if you asked 100 people what makes a good leader, chances are you’d get 100 different answers. Leadership is one of those qualities that is hard to describe; you know it when you see it, but it’s not always obvious what combination of skills and experience make a leader.

We spend a lot of time thinking about leadership. Since it’s a key component of your BULLIT score, we want to give you every chance to get full credit for your talent.

To us, leadership means a lot of things — it could be managing a team of people, showing that you’re a motivated self-starter, taking charge of a major project, or simply being accountable to a client.

You don’t have to be the CEO of a company or the president of each and every student organization to show you have a knack for leadership.

Our BULLIT score reflects how well we lead, or manage, our peers, colleagues, clients, and mentees. And because everyone has their own vision for what makes a good leader, this score can also be a tricky one to manage.

We looked around for some tips on how to show your leadership abilities in all its many forms. Lolly Daskal, heart-based leadership consultant and coach, had some fantastic tips in Inc. Magazine that cover all the ways you can promote and enhance your leadership skills. You should read her whole article, but here are our three favorite tips:

1. Authenticity and transparency rule. In the age of social media, there’s no getting away with dishonesty or cover-ups. If you or your company lies, cheats, or fudges numbers, the odds that you will be exposed are higher than ever.

2. If you’re not social you’re missing the boat. As a leader you need to be able to communicate and be visible, and in today’s world that means not just being present on social media, but being savvy and having something to say. Hiding behind a closed boardroom door is no longer an option.

3. You don’t need a title to lead. Everyone can be a leader. Your capacity is no longer set by your position or title. The ability to create influence is a significant form of leadership, and it is available to all.

Whether you’re already confident in the driver’s seat or a leader in training, Lolly also has some great tips on how leaders should present themselves on social media. Then head over to BULLIT to make sure your profile is putting in the work for you — don’t miss out on the credit you deserve for your management savvy!