Your BULLIT Profile: A Primer

We’ve holding our cards close to the chest for a while now on what BULLIT is, and how you can join our community and start putting your professional network to work for you. We’ve published plenty of tips on how to boost your trustworthiness, how to build a personal brand, and how to be a mentor, no matter what your level of experience.

We’re so excited to finally open our platform for you — now in beta — to begin curating a resume for your personality. The things that make you best at what you do are hidden from your traditional resume and LinkedIn profile.

Our goal is to give you a tool through which you can invite your best references to speak up on your behalf, and not just at those critical times when you’re looking for a new job or hoping to land a promotion. Your network is waiting to give you the credit you deserve.

Sound like an interesting proposition? Here’s a deeper look at how your BULLIT profile works, and how we put you in control. Worried about your security? We want to make sure you’re protected from harassment and bullying, and have zero tolerance for bad behavior on our platform. Check out our Terms of Use and Anti-Abuse Policies.

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