From the Lamborghini Exhausts to Headlights: How to Differentiate the Lamborghini Models?

There are many Lamborghini models like Gallardo, Aventador, Huracan, and Murcielago. But could you tell the difference or identify the exact Lamborghini model when the supercar flies past you on the motorway! Do not worry! We are here to help you!! In this post, we will pick out some of the unique bits and flaps that separate every Lamborghini model from each other. From the body-shape to the Lamborghini exhausts, we will discuss every identifiable part of the supercar that will help you easily make the difference between the models.

The supercar’s roaring sound and the badge (black shield with a gold bull and Lamborghini written in gold) can help you identify as a high-performance Lamborghini car. But this is not enough to find out the exact Lambo model! Here are some useful points that will help to make the difference between each Lamborghini car, please have a look!

1. Headlights:
Huracan- The headlights of the Huracan Lamborghini car follow the supercar body to left and right.

Gallardo and Murcielago- The headlights point up towards the windscreen

Aventador- The headlights of Aventador is a mixture of the above models, which looks a bit like wings

2. Front Air Intake:
The Huracan, Gallardo, and Aventador have a similar looking front air intake. You can find out the difference, as the front air intake curves down on the Aventador, looks like a lippy, shark-like overbite on the Gallardo and like a square on the Murcielago.

3. Side Air Intake:
Each Lamborghini model has different shapes of side air intakes as per their design.

Huracan- has a triangular and close to the ground side air intake

Murcielago- has a square-ish side air intake

Gallardo- has an upright slit side air intake

Aventador- has a big side air intake that is fit enough to fit a backpack

4. Lamborghini Exhausts:
The Murcielago has exhausts in the middle. Whereas the Aventador has a unique HDMI-port shape to accommodate the exhausts in the middle. Huracan and Gallardo have two exhausts on the either side. In a Huracan Lambo model, the exhausts sit at an angle. For the Gallardo model, the exhausts sit in a straight line.

5. Lights:
Huracan- This Lambo model has slim lights on a black strip

Gallardo- This Lambo model has square shaped lights on the top of the black squares

Murcielago- The Murcielago Lambo model has rounded lights

6. Body Shape:
No doubt, you love the curves of a Lamborghini supercar.

Gallardo- Here the body sticks out from the rear bumper

Aventador- This Lamborghini model has a massive dip in the roof, which can be easily spotted

Countach- The mid-engined Lamborghini supercar, Countach is has a wedge-shaped and sharply angled body-shape, which is also called a cabin-forward design concept.

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