We all know how it feels to get into something new in life, we all experience once in a while something unknown to our knowledge. We all know that feeling, it might seem challenging and sometimes overwhelming to dig through all that terminology in a new space.

The crypto world…

Startup founders can access capital from many places to advance their venture, from angel investors and VCs to crowdfunding sites. We will show you:

How investors would react to the progress you’ve made so far

Where you can go to find the cash to move forward

What you can do to give your venture a better chance at fundraising success

Questions to ask yourself as Team

Investors expect key members of a team to be working at least 30 hours per week on their venture. …

Art that can evolve over time, react to its owners, or follow a stock price is now all possible with programmable art. Art where the “Master” layer (complete crypto art piece) and individual “Layers” ( the individual parts that form the Master image ) are tokenized separately. You can think…

A group of 11 paintings in Christmas theme. Collection highlights include one special NFT artwork named “Christmas Story 2021”. The Christmas Story 2021 NFT drop fit in the category of narrated crypto material ‘art’, the First Open sale offers an extensive survey of 21st Century art for new and seasoned collectors alike.

The Christmas Story 2021 by Bull Wark


The spirit and meaning of Christmas are something that we all understand but sometimes struggle to explain.

In this exhibition, you will meet a family of animals living out that spirit. For them, this is a time for giving and a time to see each other once again. …

Bull Wark

AN ARTIST COLLECTIVE—Group of Artists working together under name Bull Wark in WEBBONA Digital Art and Design Agency

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