Dave Pell

I’m sorry but the answer is “YES”.

However… that “YES”, does not mean that you can be a good, competent, effective or responsible President, all of which Mr. Trump has already clearly shown, that he is not.

The stark problem that you Americans are now faced with (in a way that is impossible to evade, disclaim or ignore), is that you have an apartheid-like, antiquated, gerrymandered, grossly unfair electoral system in which each vote cast by a white hill-billy in Kentucky or an angry, out-of-work white guy in Wisconsin or Ohio, counts as much as about 3 to 5 votes by minority voters in New York, California or the big cities. This is how Trump can lose the national popular vote by almost 3 million votes and still “win” in the Electoral College (an institution without parallel in ANY other so-called “Western Democracy”).

Over time, this trend is only going to get worse, not better, as the U.S. becomes (overall) more ethnically diverse, with more and more of the new, non-white voters living in the cities… where their votes are ignored. It is very possible that you could see future Republican Presidential candidates losing the popular vote by 10 per cent or more, and still repeatedly “winning” elections. This, of course, makes a mockery of America’s pretensions as the “world’s #1 ‘democracy’”.

And due to the baroque complexities of the U.S. Constitution added to the fact that the Republicans have no interest in changing a system that lets them start the football on the other team’s 30-yard line, you have no way to change it. Your elections will become more and more of an apartheid-like joke, as your society crumbles in bitter divisions and recriminations.

Sucks to be YOU, I guess. Have a nice time, under “President” Trump.

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