Shining Light on Internet Rage
Jeff Reifman

Jeff :

Thank you for your courageous and revealing account of recent developments in your life (and the disgraceful, sneering, dishonest attacks on what you wrote).

It is clear, from reading the columns and the pre-history of the discourse, that your attackers didn’t pay any attention at all to what you actually said, or to what you wrote. Instead (as fanatics and ideologues always do), they reacted to a “straw man” parody of what you wrote, so they could launch wildly unfair personal accusations against yourself.

I used to consider myself a “pro-feminist male”, but episodes like this have just totally turned myself off from the whole “women’s” (sorry… “wymmin’s”) “rights” thing. If you are going to be called a “sexist, mansplaining, pro-rape pig” whether or not you in any way support that kind of behavior, then you have little incentive (other than personal integrity) to be sensitive to women’s rights and feelings.

I honestly don’t understand what the fanatics who were slagging you, think they’re going to accomplish, with these tactics. All they’re doing is alienating people like me… who should be the feminist movement’s biggest supporters.

I guess they really MUST want people to vote for Trump. They had better watch out, because they might just get what they want.

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