Hotel Internet Services offers hoteliers information on the latest best practice in contactless technology

Hotel Internet Services has announced its reinforcement efforts to ensure that hoteliers can address the health of their guests through their work on the facilities so that the availability of in-room services that are compatible with contactless and social distances is enhanced. HIS aims to offer hotel companies the means and insight they need to welcome their guests successfully and regain confidence with the understanding that health safeguarding is the top priority by leveraging their expertise in comprehensive TV-based services and voice-activated technology.

HIS ‘expertise in providing guests with the opportunity to connect with a hotel facilities or request services without having to get directly into touch with hotel staff is long overdue by introducing innovative in-room guest service technologies such as its BeyondTV app. HIS is working to show how hoteliers have a number of options at their disposal to achieve this goal in that properties prioritize the need to implement guidelines on social distancing. This includes the introduction of virtual in-room applications for guest service:

· This helps guests to make dinner requests in the room or to find choices for the menu.

· Offer details on the recommendations of the concierge.

· Furnish on-site facilities such as restaurants, fitness centers and laundry facilities with details on opening and closing hours.

· As a hotel-to-guest messaging system, all guest and staff or departments are linked instantly and on-demand.

· Let guests check-out without visiting the front desk, and threaten potential germ exposure through close relationships with staff and other guests.

HIS is also the leading provider of virtual support technology for the hospitality sector and continues to work to offer hoteliers up-to — date insights into how the previously mentioned service examples and many others can be integrated with voice-activated capability to provide guests with even more protection from contact with amenities’ potential risks. The simple voice commands of an integrated Volara-powered Alexa or Google Home can allow guests to request services or details instantly without having to contact a television remote control or a telephonic device or surface. The ability to monitor a variety of internal room devices such as thermostats, luminaires, TV’s, boards, televisions, etc., through voice and hands-free access is also expanded.

“Hoteliers have known for some time about these technologies and their ability to increase comfort and instant service, but many can not fully understand the many benefits they can offer in overcoming the concerns of guests about possible exposure to viruses in the new market environment.,” said Gary Patrick, CEO of Hotel Internet Services. “ The guest faith will be a key factor to recover from current crisis in a hotel and HIS is happy to serve as a trustworthy guide on how properties can use technology to restore their goods so that they are prepared to respond to higher security demands.”

Through its BeyondTV and BeyondTV GuestCast solutions, HIS also acts as a provider of advanced in-room entertainment and content casting capacities, providing sanitized remote control covers to every customer in hotels to meet the new cleanliness standards. Not only can the risks of the common touchpoint area be further reduced by this service, it can also provide guests with an overview of the importance of their well-being.



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