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Introducing “Live Prompter” for Facebook Live Broadcasters

Every day over 2 billion videos are watched via connected devices, mostly from power platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat. Last year, Facebook introduced the newest way for video publishers and creators to deliver video: LIVE. With radio and television the setting precedent, the “now” factor has undeniable appeal. Furthermore, the ability to send Steph Curry comments in real-time blurs the line between icons and citizens in a way that TV could not. Interaction is so easy, in fact, Live video sessions drive 10X more fan comments than an average Facebook post. In the age of social media assistants and “ghost posters”, people get excited when they know somebody is actually “there”.

More fan participation brings exciting new video content opportunities. For BumeBox, this presents exciting new interaction problems to solve. From the celebrity POV, imagine 10,000 people suddenly texting you simultaneously. Anxiety builds with every second that ticks by because the same people are waiting for an answer. Now imagine several hundred follow up heckle texts before you have had a chance to think about your answer. There are no producers, no assistants. More comments are coming in. More heckles are coming in. Comments are scrolling at a feverish pace. Did I mention this is live video? You get the picture.

Luckily for public figures everywhere, BumeBox has an answer. Live Prompter is the first intelligent commenting system for Facebook Live video broadcasters. Last week Adweek compared Live Prompter to mobile “cue cards” for Facebook Live video: http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/bumebox-live-prompter/637388.

BumeBox understands the physical limitations celebrities face when they address massive fan bases. We also know how much communities value the individuality and career achievements of their cultural icons. We knew we had to make the celebrity view simpler while yielding more compelling fan communication. All the while we made sure to seamlessly maintain the structure of an authentic interview…all on a mobile device.

Perhaps what I am most proud of is that Live Prompter takes into account that celebrities are human. World championships and Oscars are important, but so is music and pizza. We surface a percentage of lifestyle related comments as well as those relating to relevant subject matter. Best of all, Facebook broadcasters are a scroll and a swipe away from video sessions with no fumbling, no dead air and no stress!

Live Prompter launched in partnership with Extra TV and ‘We The Kings’ last Saturday. The band was madly prepping for their final show of the tour at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, but they were surprisingly cool, calm, and collected during their Live Session.

‘We The Kings’ using the BumeBox Prompter and doing their pre-concert chant during Saturday’s Facebook Live Q&A session.

Usually before and during a Facebook Live Q&A, hosts can be overwhelmed or stressed as they are not sure which questions they are going to be asked or how fans (and haters) will participate in the Live video…but not these guys! It felt like they were just as comfortable doing this Live session as they would have been hanging out with one another backstage or on the tour bus…talking about music and the band, laughing (a lot!), doing cartwheels, dancing, poking fun at one another, and creating a unique experience that fans wouldn’t normally be able to see and interact with.

Coley O’Toole of ‘We The Kings’ with the BumeBox Prompter in-hand.

The great group dynamic, along with the ease of use of Live Prompter allowed the guys to be themselves, skip that awkward dead air, and not waste time wading through all of the noise. To quote Kellan Connor, Social Media/Digital Director at Extra, “The Prompter tool made our Q&A session run seamlessly! We gave the band a quick tutorial and they were off and running — and having a lot of fun with it! It was especially helpful to have the “suggested” questions, and to be able to load new questions at our own pace.”

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