Apeiron and Bumpies Official Partnership Announcement

4 min readJan 22, 2024

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Apeiron (on Epic Games), a key player in Web3 gaming. This collaboration with them represents a significant milestone in the advancement of blockchain-based gaming. It underscores the growing importance of NFTs in enriching the gaming experience, a frontier we are both pioneering.

Bumpies, developed by Avocado DAO, is a utility-focused, interoperable NFT series that plays a crucial role within the extensive Avocado DAO ecosystem. Bumpies offers a great mix of benefits and advantages, including early access to the upcoming Bumpies game set for release in early 2024 as well as access to special airdrops with our very first NFT gaming partner, Apeiron.

Apeiron, known as the first-ever Web3 god game, has taken a significant leap forward by going live on Ronin Network by Sky Mavis. The game is currently in its beta phase, and we’re eagerly anticipating its global mobile game launch, which is expected in Q1 2024.

Participation in Apeiron’s PvP Testing and Game Launch

As official partners with Apeiron, we are thrilled to announce our involvement in the PvP Close Beta. There are two leaderboards, with the first leaderboard ending on the 31st of January 2024 and the second leaderboard ending on the 15th of February 2024. Our team and community are thrilled about the special collaboration for Bumpies Holders. During the PVP Closed Beta, all Bumpie holders will have the opportunity to earn $ANIMA airdrop point by competing on the two leaderboards.

What is $ANIMA & Airdrop Points

The $ANIMA is a new token designed to engage players ahead of Apeiron’s official launch. The airdrop campaign is a new initiative to encourage players to take part in Player vs Player (PvP) battles and progress up the leaderboard. Success in these battles will earn players Airdrop Points (AP), which can be transformed into $ANIMA tokens following the conclusion of season 3.

The Power of Bumpies

Bumpies’ partnership with Apeiron was first revealed during the Bumpies Mint Party Alpha Drop on December 22, 2023. Attendees of this event were among the first to learn of this dynamic alliance, highlighting the unique benefits and opportunities it brings to the forefront of the Web3 gaming world.

To qualify for the Apeiron special airdrops, users are generally required to own an Apeiron Planet NFT and actively participate in the game’s PvP battles, where achieving certain ranks unlocks exclusive rewards. However, this partnership introduces an additional pathway: holders of Bumpies will be eligible to participate. The type of Bumpies you have affects how many Airdrop Points you get. If you have Common or Rare Bumpies and reach Gold Rank, you’ll get 100% of your Airdrop Points. But if you have Epic or Galactic Bumpies and reach Gold Rank, you’ll get 150% of your Airdrop Points.

Furthermore, as an exclusive bonus for community members, the first 10 players who reach the Gold Rank will receive an additional 10 Apeiron Free Mint Package, a great asset in the Epic Game Store Dungeon Alpha, an excellent place for beginners to learn the basics. All they have to do is open a ticket on Apeiron Discord Server once this is achieved.

To ensure you don’t miss out on these exclusive benefits and the chance to be among the first to receive the Apeiron Mint gifts, make sure to climb the Gold Rank requirements by January 31st 2024, 4 PM UTC for Leaderboard 1 and Feb 15th 2024, 4 PM UTC for Leaderboard 2.

Avocado Quest PvP Adventure

Here’s another special invitation — you are invited to join the Avocado Quest PVP Close Beta: Registration for a chance to snag your share of the 20,000 $AVG prize pool and a chance to enter a raffle for 1x Epic Bumpies NFT and 5x Rare Bumpies NFTs.

But that’s not all! Engage in Apeiron PvP Closed Beta and reach Gold Rank for Leaderboard 1, where you can get Anima Airdrops, 10x Apeiron Free Mint Package, and an Airdrop boost of 50%. This is your chance to level up your gaming experience and secure fantastic prizes!

This is Bumpies’s first partnership, with many more to come in the near future. Both of our teams are excited about this collaboration and to be able to offer this unique opportunity to our growing community.

About Aperion

Apeiron is a God Game x eSports blockchain franchise where players will literally ‘Play God’ by growing their own planets and controlling giant avatars in battle.

Apeiron is a game designed with originality at its core. From gameplay to artwork and scope, every element in Apeiron is unique to the entire web2 gaming industry.

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About Bumpies

Bumpies, a unique NFT collection powered by Avocado DAO, is revolutionizing the Web3 gaming landscape by fostering a vibrant community of enthusiasts. The Bumpies NFT is your access pass to upcoming Bumpies games, events, and feature launches, as well as privileged access and exclusive benefits in forthcoming product releases.

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