Announcing our Series ‘GAMES’

We are excited to announced that we’ve raised a new round of $3.85M from some of the largest developers of multiplayer games that include Tencent, Supercell, Riot and Miniclip!

This is in addition to the $3.8M we raised last year lead by London Venture Partners. We didn’t really know what to call this round of financing, but decided to go with Series ‘GAMES’ 😹We are very much looking forward to working even more closely with our developer partners; and adding more great partners to the Bunch Network!

Here are a couple of links from our coverage:

Along with this news, we’ve launched a redesign of the Bunch app on iOS and Android; we brought onboard some awesome executives like Greg Essig who previously was head of BD at MobCrush, and was on the App Store management team at Apple, responsible for the games category; and Jonas Christiansen as head of product, who previously held senior product design roles at Facebook and Google.

We are also launching some amazing new features like the Bunch Overlay over the coming weeks; and a lot more soon after:

We are excited to for the road ahead; create more ways to bring friends closer together; doing what they love — playing games!



Group Video Chat for Live Mobile Games

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