My First Journal in Social Media :3

This is my first time posting a journal in to social media. So please appreciate it lol.

2nd week of school. I expect that its an easy week. But, I don’t think so because there a lot of school activities. Last Monday we just answer individual activities, seatworks, and group activities.After the class I immediately come home. Because, I didn’t get some sleep so right after I got home I went to bathroom and take a shower and sleep.That night I woke up and I look into my cellphone and it’s 10 o’clock in the evening I feel so very hungry that time. So, I went down and check the fridge if there are some snacks in it I saw a piatos and eat it immediately, And get back to bed right after.

Tuesday I felt sleepy again even if I get some sleep last night. On that day we have given an assignment in MATH. After the class I go home straight because I want to watch Detective Conan. But, Before I finish watching detective conan I fell asleep. I woke up at 8:30 pm, I remember that I have an assignment in math so I answer it quickly and go to bed immediately so that I can’t feel sleepy again tomorrow.

Wednesdayyyyy The day we cook a graham balls.I want to play basketball. I asked my friends to play basketball and they agreed.But, After the class the rain poured and strong thunders, And I remembered that we need a 1 by 1 wood for Physical Education. So, I buy a wood and go home after buying it. And the rain continuously pouring down but the weather can’t stop us. We play basketball and eat. Then we go home after that.

Thursday Physical Education day (p.e) Nothing unusual happen. We just have an activity in P.E. My T-shirt is so wet and I don’t have extra t-shirt so I immediately go home and change t-shirt.

Fridayyyyy This day we will have a tryout.But, It’s moved on Saturday. But we decided to play basketball that day. After that we play LEAGUE OF LEGENDS then sleep :)

Saturday (today) We held the tryout in the school right now I don’t know if I’m in or not. So i’ll keep on practice hard,And don’t let my academic grades fall.

I realized that if you don’t do anything nothing will change so do it yourself :) But don’t ever do it if you know it’s wrong !

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