Thinking about Ideas…

Our minds receive and process over 50,000 thoughts daily on an average. Some of these thoughts are positive, and some are negative, some are about our loved ones, our homes, our commute and some are potential pieces of a groundbreaking idea.

As these thoughts come and go, we choose which ones to retain and concentrate on, many times, we get distracted and lose track of our train of thought. Sometimes we may recall what they were, but many times we lose those thoughts forever especially if we did not write them down. The flow of our thoughts are not yet ideas, a quick flashing thought, is just a thought. It is only when we engage that thought, contain it, and capitalize on it by linking it and combining it with other thoughts that we create what may be an idea.

Ideas come to us every single day, some are big ideas and some are just ideas that we get on how to make our day better. However, many entrepreneurs have built great products and services based on basic-simple-Aha-moment ideas. Many Ideas nonetheless stem from a pressing problem that we may face, think about the founder of staples Tom Stemberg, that faced a pressing problem during a Fourth of July weekend when he was unable to find a stationery shop to replace his typewriter ribbon. Think of athletes who play contact sports that get multiple ideas within seconds, to contain their opponents, to communicate and assist their teammates, or to anticipate the opponent’s next move all while already acting on their other ideas.

The key here is paying attention to your thoughts. Track your thoughts, document the interesting thoughts. Experiment with them, link them with other thoughts, combine them with a set of other thoughts. You get a lot of thoughts everyday, you never know what they might lead to.

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