Angela Eagle’s campaign and Labour’s crisis
Owen Jones

You say a split would be damaging. I agree. You say this: “If the plotters had any sense — or desire to confront the Tories — they would not have chosen a moment of national crisis to move, and they would have stood a stalking horse rather than shutting down the very functioning of the Opposition” — I agree. The point is people are to blame here. Corbyn didn’t move to destroy Labour. Whatever people think of him he is doing his best. The plotters tried to destroy him and failed. If they want to maintain a voice in politics they have to form another party. They were an awkward fit with the Labour membership before, I don’t see how they can come back in now. As in Monbiot’s column today, I think a progressive coalition is the way forward. The two Labour factions could still agree to govern in coalition, but would be free to woo voters as they saw fit.

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