• Tim Frick

    Tim Frick

    Founder of Chicago digital agency & #BCorp @Mightybytes. Author of ‘Designing for Sustainability’ + 3 other books. Speaker, educator, cyclist, environmentalist.

  • Mariusz Labudda

    Mariusz Labudda


  • Jedd Ong

    Jedd Ong

  • The American Caliban

    The American Caliban

    I would prefer not to.

  • Micah Sifry

    Micah Sifry

    Co-founder Civic Hall. Publisher of The Connector newsletter (find it on Substack). Board member Consumer Reports, Public Lab.

  • Megan Morrone

    Megan Morrone

    Senior Platform Editor, Debugger and OneZero at Medium. 👩🏻‍💻 Send me your Medium stories about tech and gadgets.

  • dr. anastassia lauterbach

    dr. anastassia lauterbach

    Tech. Enterpreneur, Board Member and Angel Investor. AI, Cybersecurity, IoT. NED @ D&B. Previously SVP Qualcomm & DT; Roles @ McKinsey, Daimler and Munich Re.

  • Anna Morris

    Anna Morris

    Business Development & Product Leader, Innovator, Artist, Writer, Lecturer, Creative & Science Graduate, Curious Mind & Entrepreneur

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