Band Notes 10–16–2017

Greetings — here’s the scoop:

Weekend Wrap Up

Two very good performances over the weekend. Scores have stagnated, but they have stagnated for everyone, not just Bunnell. It’s always a thrill to perform in a huge venue such as MetLife Stadium.


Here are the two videos from this weekend:



Clearly, the Norwalk performance was of a higher quality!


Please click here to see the photos from the season. There are photos added periodically.



  • 5p — 7p — Basic Marching Sectional — Student Run — Side Field


  • 545p — Stadium


  • 4:30p — sectionals for WOODWINDS & BRASS
  • 545p — report side field

Friday — Home Football Game

  • This is a mandatory performance!
  • 545p — report side field dressed “waist down”
State Championship Tickets & Nationals Bus

We will have tickets available for the following USBands MAJOR events:

  • New England State Championships — Oct 28 (New Britain) Time Between 12:45–2:15p. Awards at 4:15p.
  • USBands National Championships — Nov 5 (Allentown PA) Time TBA

NOTE: Each family is required to purchase 2 tickets for NE States only. The total cost for two tickets is $40. Additional Tickets are available. The other events are optional.

There will also be a Parents “Coach” bus for Nationals in PA

WE CURRENTLY only have about 1/2 bus sold for the Parents — PLEASE ORDER YOUR BUS SEATS NOW!

Please use this link to order/pay for your tickets/bus:

A Note About the State Championships:

October 28–2017 Connecticut State and New England States Championships in New Britain CT:

  • Tickets will be available for Pick Up at 9am on Saturday Morning.
  • EVERYONE is required to pay for two tickets. (use the link above)
  • To purchase EXTRA Tickets — please use the PayPal link above.
  • FILL OUT THE FORM on the link above to request yout tickets be sold to another family.
  • There is NO GUARANTEE that we will sell your un-used ticket(s), and this exchange is “First Come — First Served”.
  • If you do nothing, the cost of the tickets will be added to your account — BUT PLEASE — we have to pay for all tickets when we arrive at the event!
  • If we sell your tickets, then your account will NOT be charged.
  • You may also bring a check made out to Bunnell Marching Band for the full ticket amount on Saturday, October 28 at 9am.
  • We will have a total of 200 tickets available for families.

please make a payment on your account today!

Looking Ahead

Guard Sectional (mandatory) October 23 6p-9p

Stadium October 26 & Nov 1

thank you!


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