Band Notes 10–18–2016

Greetings folks

This will be a quick one:

Thank you to all of the students for the sympathy card, and your condolences. It truly made my day, completely…



  • 4p — Woodwinds
  • 415p — Brass
  • 5:30 — Full Band in the Stadium


  • 5:45 — Full Band Side Field (inside if it rains)


  • Football Game — All report 6p (we will have a contingency of musicians from the 6th grade band at Second Hill Lane joining us in the stands for the game).
  • Please order your Chinese Food (for Lunch) on Saturday


  • See Below
Band Trip

We now have until MONDAY — October 24 — NO EXCEPTIONS to add in to the trip AND make your $850 Payment.

Final Payment is due NOVEMBER 10th.

If you can make your final payment sooner, PLEASE do so now!

Credit Card Payments —

Room Lists

ALL TRAVELERS must complete the room list request — EVEN IF you did it earlier in the year.


* Students should choose student room.

* DO NOT under any circumstances sign SOMEONE ELSE up in your room without CONSULTING with them first!!!

* Every traveler must be accounted for

* You MUST sign up in Pairs (2 people) or in Quads (4 people)

* Don’t sign up as a Single (unless you’re a parent staying in a single) and please don’t sign up as a triple (unless you are ADD ON travelers, staying in a triple room)

* We will pair up all the double rooms (students)

* Anyone who doesn’t sign up for a room will be assigned one, prior to departure.

Use this link to complete your room request:

Click here to see the room list:

  • 8a — Report Band Room — rehearsal on side field (Bring food for dinner — Chinese Food will be delivered for lunch)
  • 11a — Load Busses
  • 1130a — Depart (eat lunch on bus)
  • 1230p — arrive Brookfield
  • 235p — Perform Brookfield
  • 430p — Depart for Danbury (bring dinner/food for bus ride)
  • 515p — Arrive Danbury
  • 720p — Perform Danbury
  • 9p — Awards
  • 10p — Pick Up at BHS

thank you


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