Band Notes 5–1–2017

Welcome to the month of May!

Here are a few updates:

Drum Majors

Congrats to our new conductors:

Nathan Larsen, Allyson Lazarre, Philip Bloom, Keane Alindato!!!

Band Elections

Band Elections are Thursday in the Band Room at 2:10p. They usually last about 30 minutes, and there will be a brief meeting for all newly elected officers after the elections.

All Color Guard and Band Members (Including Seniors) should plan on staying and voting. YOU MUST attend if you want to be an officer, elected or appointed.

Please visit the Band Handbook for details about elections —


So — the season is OVER and we MUST pay our Staff and Invoices! Please make a payment ASAP — you can make a credit card payment here —

We have the BEST staff anyone could ask for — PLEASE — let’s get our funds in so that we can pay them!!!

Please note — the Administration at Bunnell requires all students to have a zero balance in their student accounts, including Band. PLEASE do not place yourself in the position of having the administration assume the role of collecting your funds! Please make payments for Band (and any other debts) as soon as possible!

Audio 2017

Please use this link to listen to the Fall Audio 2017!

Please DO NOT share this on social media or with any other people, outside our “Band Family”!

Schedule This Week

May 3 — Drum Line has rehearsal Wednesday night from 6p-9p at the Band Room

May 4 — “Star Wars Day” (May the Fourth Be With You) — Color Guard resumes! 6p-9p starting in the Band Room — please “Bring a Friend”!!!

Register NOW for Fall 2017!

We currently have 90 students registered for Band & Guard for the Fall 2017 Season!


there are still a few folks from last year who haven’t registered yet (see below). If they all register, we will be at the TOP of Group 4 and Completely Full! (We will then move to using alternates, as we did last year) unless we get another HUGE influx of students from the Middle School. We would then consider moving to Group 5.

Here’s the link to register NOW!

The following students HAVE NOT registered as of today, but were a member of the 2016 Fall Band:

Martinez Carolina 2021
Kyle Fiona 2018
Volcy Savoy 2021
Acabeo Luis 2018
Peterson Kobe 2020
Parrella Gabriel 2021
Falotico CJ 2019

Looking ahead!
  • May 17 — Spring Concert & Step Up day
  • May 29 — Memorial Day Parade
  • June 8 — Band Awards — BHS Cafe
  • TBA — Graduation (all Concert Band & Wind Ensemble Students Perform)
  • Tentative Band Camp — Aug 21–25

Thank you


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