Band Notes — 5–17–2016

Greetings — a few reminders:

Hollywood Trip

We currently have 110 seats reserved on JetBlue, Leaving JFK (Nov 24) at 7:19a, arriving Los Angeles at 10:39a. Departing LAX on Monday at 8:55a, arriving JFK at 5:15p.

The best part is that we have ALL TRAVELERS on ONE flight!

All travelers MUST have a $100 deposit by May 20.

Please use this link to Learn More about the trip, AND MAKE YOUR DEPOSIT!

Spring Concert May 19

The spring concert is May 19 at 7p. $3 donation.

  • Doors open for parents/audience at 6:30p.
  • Students MUST report no later than 6p.

Performing will be:

  • The National Champion Indoor Drum Line
  • Concert Band
  • Wind Ensemble
  • SELECT percussionists from period 3
  • Concert & Select Choirs

Students MUST be dressed in “Concert Attire”:

  • Men: Black Pants, PLAIN White Oxford Button Down Shirt, Tie (festive spring colors), Dress shoes & socks (you may use your black band shoes).
  • Women: Black Pants or skirt thet falls BELOW THE KNEE, PLAIN White Dress Shirt or Blouse, Dress shoes
  • Drum Line — you will need your Drum Line Uniform/Hat — then you’ll change your shirt.

If you arrive dressed inappropriately, you will be sent home.

The concert is a HUGE grade that affects the entire Fourth Marking Period.

The entire concert runs about 90 minutes from start to finish. Parents and other Family Members are asked to PLEASE arrive prior to 7p and plan on staying until the end.

This concert generally “Sells Out”, so plan on arriving early to select your seat.

Dress Rehearsals

There will be Dress Rehearsals TOMORROW, May 18.

Period 1 = Period 1, 6 & Select period 3 students

Period 2 = Periods 2, 1 & 6 plus select period 3 students

Period 6 = Periods 1 & 6, plus select period 2 & 3 students

Step Up Day

Step up day is May 19. Here’s the schedule:

  • Period 1 — Flood Students Arrive no later than 8:30am
  • Period 2 — Meet and Greet the Flood Students in the Auditorium
  • Period 3 — (9:25a) Flood Students “Shadow” Bunnell Students
  • Period 4 — All students report to the Auditorium for Rehearsal
  • Period 5 — Flood Students have lunch in the Band Room
  • Period 6 — Flood Students remain for presentation
  • Period 7 — (1:20p) Flood Students depart back to Flood.

Students will be paired up with a Flood student prior to May 19.

Memorial Day Parade

The Memorial Day Parade is a MANDATORY performance for ALL FALL Marching Band, Drum Line & Guard members. All members are expected to attend. Students who do not attend will risk loosing their 2015/2016 Band Award, Senior Plaques, or Senior Scholarships.

  • All Band & Guard members will need to meet at the St. James Church parking lot at 10:30am.
  • The “Uniform” is the White Band Polo shirt, Khaki Shorts, white socks & white sneakers.
  • ALL COLOR GUARD members are expected to perform!!!
  • Students with large equipment (pit/drummers/tubas etc…) will need to place their equipment in the dungeon no later than Thursday after school. Drummers will do this during period 3 on Friday.
  • Any student who puts equipment in the dungeon MUST report to the dungeon at 9:45am on MONDAY to help the dads load the truck(s).

The Parade begins at 12:15p and ends at the Green around 1:15p.

Students will be dismissed from the Green, but students with large equipment MUST report back to the dungeon to help load back in.

Please download and print your music here —

We will play letter “D” to the end only…

  • Flutes play the “C Part”
  • Middle School students should choose the 3rd or 2nd part for your instrument.

Drum Line

The next rehearsal for the Fall 2016 drum Line & Pit will be THIS Wednesday at 6p-9p in the HS Band Room.

Indoor Drum Line will do a run through TOMORROW, Wednesday, from 6–7p, prior to the drum Line practice.


We must do a better job recruiting new Guard members. Please — if you have a friend or sibling, please ask them to attend the Guard practices and give it a try.

Jennie will be running the Guard and we’ve hired Camryn Gaudett (Alter Ego) and Elise Sotolongo (BHS Alum & UConn Guard) as our Summer Techs. Noel Rodrigues will also be helping this summer.

Here’s the Schedule:

  • 18 of May First Meeting
  • 26 of May Second Meeting
  • And then practices will start on the 21st on June, every Tuesday and Thursday from 6p–9p
  • Guard camp will be August 8–11, times TBA

Please help us recruit!

Reggister For Band

Please register for Fall Band & Guard 2016 ASAP —

Please see who has already registered:

The Following students from 2015–2016 have NOT registered yet:

Shannon Mullings

Thompson Elizabeth

Cicero Danielle

Ordner Emilia

Polanco Martha

Shafer Brook

Barrios Nathalie

Goodman Camille

Poplaski Kristen

Hernandez Leanny

Naval Vladimir

Mosley Alexander

Vasquez Jose

Virgo Ashlie

Pallock Joseph

Pellegrino Joseph

Auten Joshua

Brennan Stephen

stewart charles

Dominique Laura

Dominique Laurie

Miller Emma

Iquina Jamielyn


Now that the Indoor Season is over, and we approach the end of the year, ALL accounts MUST be current. Students that have a balance, or students who have not maintained their payment plan may be in jeopardy of loosing their HS privileges, such as prom, graduation and other important HS events.

PLEASE — make a payment NOW!!! —