Band Notes 6–6–2016

Greetings folks — a few things this week…

Band Trip

Folks — we are close to canceling this wonderful opportunity due to lack of participation.

I have heard this from MANY students — “I will sign up, once we know that we are going!” That is PRECISELY the reason we WON’T be going!

So — PLEASE — I WILL NOT SEND ANY FUNDS to the tour company UNTIL WE KNOW FOR A FACT that we have enough students to participate.

The School admin is VERY sensitive to what happened this school year, and will only cancel our trip in a dire circumstance.

Essentially, By signing up you are saying “IF WE GO — COUNT ME IN!!!”

Please use this link to Learn More about the trip, AND MAKE YOUR DEPOSIT! —

Register here —

We need to commit by JUNE 15!!!


This Week —

  • June 7 — Wind Ensemble Recording Session — 2:10p-2:30p
  • June 7 — Band Awards in the Cafe at 5p
  • June 7 — Band Parent meeting following the Awards in the Cafe — All NEW PARENTS are invited to attend!
  • June 8 — LAST Drum Line & Pit 2016 Fall 6p-9p @ BHS — ALL DRUMMERS are encouraged to take their drums home AFTER this practice. Pit will be moved to the dungeon for summer rehearsals.
  • June 10 — Semester 2 Exams Begin
  • Band Final Exams — see below

Next and Final Week —

  • June 15 at 5p — Graduation for all Period 1, 2 & 6 students and SELECTED Period 3 students. Rain or Shine — details below. This is a MANDATORY performance that is part of each Student’s FINAL EXAM.
  • June 16 — Last Day of classes!


  • Performance by all Period 1, 2, & 6 and select Period 3 students is mandatory and part of your Final Exam Grade.
  • Dress as if it is a concert (Black & White w/Dress Shoes — tie for the men)
  • You may bring sunglasses and several Water Bottles
  • You MUST be seated no later than 5p in the Football Stadium
  • Please bring “wind clips” (clothespins)
  • You may bring cameras and devices but ONLY use them when directed.
  • No air horns or other distractions. This is a CEREMONY and it’s NOT about YOU!!!
  • I suggest that you get dropped off on Johnson Avenue, behind the stadium and get picked up there as well.
  • The Band Room will be open at 4:30.
  • All percussion/sound system/Keyboards etc… will be transported by the custodial team.
  • The PARKING LOT will be a MADHOUSE! Please plan your time accordingly!
  • Students will be dismissed AFTER the recessional, at the close of the ceremony. Figure around 8p.
  • ALL students are encouraged to take their instruments HOME for the summer!

Final Exams

Here is the link for details about the Final Exams, and the submission page.

ALL students in period 1, 2, 3, & 6 MUST take the final, and submit their work electronically via the link above — NO EXCEPTIONS.

Students (other than period 7 Music Theory) DO NOT need to report to class on their exam day for Band.

Student OFFICERS, however, will be expected to be in the Band Room on every spare moment they have between Friday & Graduation.

Register for Fall 2016

Please register for Fall Band & Guard 2016 ASAP —

Please see who has already registered:


Folks — the Admin was very strict on payments this year. Students were not allowed to buy Prom tickets until ALL of their accounts were settled in FULL. Please don’t let your account go until then!!!

Here’s a link to make a payment now! Thank you —

Looking Forward

Aug 22–26 — Band Camp

Oct 1 — Cavalcade of Bands @ Bunnell

Fall 2016 Tentative Schedule —

Thank you!


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